Safety requirements for the hottest earthwork cons

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Safety requirements for earthwork construction

(1) it is strictly forbidden to use the root and bottom excavation method to excavate soil or excavate the slope into a reverse slope, so as to avoid accidents caused by collapse

Additional O-ring clamps, clamps used in the tire industry, etc.

(2) if pumice or other loose and prominent dangerous stones are found on the soil slope, the personnel below should be notified to evacuate and deal with them immediately; When the slope is found to be unstable, it should be checked and treated immediately

(3) for the excavated soil slope, measures should be taken to prevent flow along the slope. Energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered to avoid collapse

(4) before working near buildings, equipment foundations, subgrade, high-voltage iron towers and electric poles, protective measures with high price should be formulated

(5) the slope gradient shall not be modified without the consent of the design

(6) when working on slopes higher than 3m and steeper than 1:1, safety ropes must be hung; When the wet fatigue testing machine works on the slope behind the corresponding test fixture of the equipment, anti-skid measures shall be taken

(7) it is forbidden to work on the slope in case of insufficient lighting or bad weather (strong wind, heavy rain)

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