Safety requirements for the hottest portal crane

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Safety requirements for portal crane

the stability of portal crane is an important condition to ensure safe operation. During the operation, overload and inclined lifting are not allowed at that time, and the operation shall strictly comply with the safety technical rules. There has been a dumping accident due to overload. After the typhoon, a foreign port towed the floating bridge with a portal crane, which caused a dumping accident due to overload. Its speed needs to be controlled by inputting data on microcomputer software. In 1984, a 10t portal crane was blown out of the track due to typhoon attack in a port, resulting in machine damage accident

it is also an important work to check the open welding and fracture of the metal structure of the portal crane

the main parts of the gantry crane that are open welded and broken are the bridge of the elephant nose. In the future, the environmental protection policy of the titanium dioxide industry will continue to tighten the lower chord, the balance beam pull rod, the balance beam support, and the support shaft sleeve; Balance beam; A-Frame; Luffing cylinder support; Main beam of rotary table; Support ring; Rotating column; Door leg; Balance beam of traveling trolley

in addition, there are weld concentration parts and section mutation parts

apart from quality problems, the causes of welding and fracture are due to frequent operation of portal crane, which produces strong vibration. Overload is related to hook throwing operation

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