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Professional recycling: the price of Shenzhen wire/copper wire recycling is high

professional recycling: the price of Shenzhen wire/copper wire recycling is high

Guangzhou yitong'an company is a material recycling company with large scale, abundant resources and reasonable prices. We have long been facing enterprises, institutions, and individuals to collect all kinds of waste materials at high prices in cash. The recycling scope includes scrap iron recycling, scrap copper recycling, scrap recycling, scrap metal recycling, cable recycling, equipment recycling and other waste materials recycling. In order to save your time, we wholeheartedly provide all units with fast, warm and thoughtful service, which has a good reputation in the same industry and customers

copper wire recycling, overflow safety, cable laying position - dry, wet, low temperature, whether shielding is required, etc. Yitong'an wire and cable recycling: it provides recycling services for all kinds of waste wires and cables, fluoroplastic wires and cables, insulated wires and cables, data wires and cables, MC wires and cables, and compensation electricity at a high price for a long time. Most of the enterprises are start-up companies from Beijing and Shanghai, including wires and cables, heating wires and cables, marine wires and cables, mining wires and cables, high-temperature wires and cables, and flame-retardant wires and cables. For hotels, shopping malls, hotels, factories, docks, schools, companies, banks, airports, bars, offices, schools, supermarkets, institutions, construction sites and families, all kinds of waste cables, wires and cables are recycled. Marine cable recycling: marine power cable, marine control cable, marine communication cable, marine halogen-free cable, marine low smoke cable, deep-water sealed cable, umbilical cable, marine saline alkali resistant cable, dock cable, marine coaxial cable, marine coaxial cable, CEFR marine rubber cable, marine RF cable recycling service

classification of wire and cable recycling

insulation type: V represents polyvinyl chloride; X stands for rubber; Y stands for polyethylene; YJ stands for cross-linked polyethylene; Z stands for paper

conductor material: l stands for aluminum; T (omitted) stands for copper. It is a special cable manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service Production and sales, products have manufacturers direct cable recycling, waste cable recycling, wire and cable recycling

inner sheath: V represents PVC sheath; Y polyethylene sheath; L aluminum sheath; Q lead sheath; H rubber sheath; F neoprene sheath

copper wire recycling can also be directly buried. The oxygen index of polymer materials used to make flame-retardant cables is between 28 and 33. In dry environment, metal free polyethylene or PVC sheath can also be used. ◆ creep does great harm to the cable. If the cable creeps, its contact point is not pressed tightly enough, and the pressure decreases, which makes the contact resistance increase rapidly. After the current flows, it causes overheating at the joint. If it is not repaired regularly, there will be potential safety hazards. It is very important to solve the problem of cable creep. Recovery of yitong'an power cables: provide medium and low-voltage power cables, high-voltage cables, ultra-high voltage cables, ultra-high voltage cables, flame-retardant power cables, cross-linked power cables at a high price for a long time, including 3 packages of oil immersed power cables, plastic power cables, rubber insulated power cables, transmission cables, overhead insulated cables, fire-resistant cables, high-temperature cables, oil resistant cables, wear-resistant cables, cold resistant cables, fire-resistant cables Armored power cables, flame-retardant power cables, oil impregnated paper insulated power cables, power optical cables, YJV power cables, VV power cable recycling services

characteristics: d no trickle; F phase separation; CY oil filling; P lean oil dry insulation; P shielding; Z DC

control layer: 0 none; 2 double steel strips; 3 thin steel wire; 4 thick steel wire

outer covering: 0 none; 1 fiber coating; 2 PVC sheath; 3 polyethylene sheath

add Zr before the code of flame-retardant cable; Add NH before the code of fire-resistant cable

Guangzhou yitong'an company, in line with the business philosophy of "integrity-based, effective protection of the safety of laboratory personnel", the service purpose of "sincere cooperation, faith-based management, high price peers, and commitment to environmental protection", and the purpose of "fairness, justice, integrity, commitment, and win-win", comes to collect at a high price, and wholeheartedly provides you with fast, efficient, and high-quality services, so that you are relieved, at ease, and at ease

the rated voltage is 300v/500v, the number of cores is divided from 2 cores to 24 cores according to the national standard, the * * * temperature of the cable conductor in case of short circuit (the longest duration is not more than 5 seconds) is not more than 2, and it is over 165 ℃ when inspecting the failure of instruments and meters in a humid environment.: HYA city communication cable adopts full spectrum insulation and aluminum-plastic comprehensive sheath (that is, the longitudinal shielding aluminum tape of the cable is bonded with the sheath to form a sealing sheath), which has the characteristics of superior electrical performance and convenient construction. Recycling of waste wires: provide all kinds of second-hand wires, waste copper wires, waste aluminum wires, waste iron wires, waste steel wires, steel cored aluminum glue wires, copper clad aluminum wires and cables, aluminum stranded wires, copper clad steel stranded wires, steel cored aluminum stranded wires, copper aluminum bus bars, electric locomotive wires, enamelled wires, insulated wires, wrapped wires, winding wires, polyester enamelled wires, winding wires, instrument cables, polyester enamelled wires, data cables, cloth wires, anti-aging wires, buried wires Fire resistant wire, low smoke halogen-free wire, silica gel wire, environmental protection wire, insulated wire, flame retardant wire, general wire recycling service

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