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According to the data of professional recycling transformer company, the price of waste paper in China has reached the highest level since 2012. Australia has developed a technology to produce paving materials from waste materials. The proportion of primary aluminum to recycled aluminum in developed countries is close to or more than 1:1. Now that everyone's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing, they can pay great attention to the development of the waste recycling industry, so everyone needs to contribute to the development of environmental protection and energy conservation, pay reasonable attention to the reasonable classification of waste products, and also need to know which items are very suitable for recycling, so as to make the resource utilization rate reach a higher standard and avoid resource waste and environmental pollution. Therefore, these waste materials have become a source of pollution

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[long term professional high price warehouse backlog recycling]: Recycling decoration warehouse, company warehouse, unit warehouse, factory warehouse, site warehouse, electrical and electronic inventory backlog materials, circuit board, shopping mall warehouse backlog recycling, etc., recycling instruments and equipment; Industrial equipment; Hotel equipment; Waste materials; Non ferrous metals; Electrical equipment; Household Electric Appliances; Refrigeration equipment; Office appliances; Wire and cable, waste copper, decorative copper, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, lead, 316 stainless steel, solder, waste batteries, waste batteries, nickel wire, nickel plate, titanium, magnesium, chromium, rhodium, molybdenum, antimony, indium, cobalt powder, gold plating, silver plating, tungsten wire, tungsten steel, zinc, tin bismuth alloy and other gold recovery. Recycling of scrap steel and other materials; Recycle the overstocked waste materials in the warehouse. The company goes to the warehouse for workers to sort out and adjust the passive needle compression spring screws. The useful ones can be placed well, and the unwanted ones can be recycled at a high price. It has professional and experienced workers. Work well, work fast, and let the customer rest assured. Contract the manual demolition in the early stage of decoration, and return the customer a satisfactory blank room. The service was good, provided a high price and satisfactory service, and won the unanimous praise of customers in the industry. Free door-to-door valuation Welcome to call

in February 2003, the EU issued and implemented the directive on waste electronic and electrical equipment and the directive on the prohibition of the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment, which clearly stipulates that manufacturers of electronic products, including, have the obligation and obligation to recycle products that may have environmental hazards, and the government has supervision over this process. Australia has developed a technology for Cedric Kennedy to recycle waste plastics into 3D printing materials and produce waste paving materials. This technology was developed by the Australian Science and industry research organization. The specific step is to melt the obsolete whole. After processing, the plastic parts such as the shell can be used to make building materials, and these communication tools can be used to build a real "information highway", while the metal substances such as nickel and mercury contained in the battery can be detected, and the products can touch the friction performance detection and reuse of various industries

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