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Professional trustworthy XCMG crane won another order to export to Indonesia

Professional trustworthy XCMG crane won another order to export to Indonesia

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recently, Indonesia's biennial construction machinery industry event - International Construction and construction machinery exhibition was held as scheduled in its capital, Jakarta International Exhibition Center. With its unremitting efforts and good international reputation, XCMG defeated many competitors and won the purchase order of 30 cranes in Indonesia. This is XCMG's first large order of hoisting machinery in the Indonesian market in recent three years, laying a foundation for XCMG to continue to expand the global market, and XCMG has taken another exciting step on the road of internationalization

XCMG, I believe your time of

dates back to July. Liu Fei, the product manager of XCMG lifting machinery overseas sales support department, learned by chance that the Indonesian customer had a purchase plan for 30 lifting equipment, and then made continuous visits and follow-up. In the process of negotiation between the two parties, although the quality of XCMG's products was affirmed and recognized by the other party, the other two crane manufacturers offered Indonesian customers very low prices and unlimited payment methods compared with XCMG, One of them even directly took out his trump card: "no matter what price other manufacturers give, we will give another 10000 yuan discount on the basis of that price!"

"this is a naked price war. In the early years, China's domestic market was plagued by vicious price competition. We must not allow this evil trend to affect overseas markets." Facing the extreme business means of competitors, Liu Fei said firmly

however, the low price is like a huge cake with fragrance, and anyone will be moved. Liu Fei is constantly alienated, and many contacts and visits are declined. Customers prevaricate on the grounds that they are busy at work or are away on business trips. For a time, the negotiation fell to the bottom

on September 10, the deputy general manager of the marketing company of XCMG lifting machinery division first cleaned the parts, and the manager Han Shuo arrived in Jakarta in person. Taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in the Indonesia International Construction and construction machinery exhibition, he obtained the opportunity to negotiate again with Indonesian customers. In September, the weather in Jakarta was dry and hot, and President Han urgently cooperated with XCMG import and export company. Everyone lit the midnight oil and carried out a comprehensive analysis and Discussion on the special needs of customers in combination with the hoisting conditions in the Indonesian market

the next day, in the process of negotiation with customers, XCMG won high recognition and praise from customers with professional construction scheme and sincere win-win concept, "XCMG, I believe you!" When the total price exceeded that of its competitors, XCMG successfully pocketed the purchase order of 30 lifting equipment

win trust with professionalism

"the most impressive thing about this negotiation is professionalism! Our product managers who came from technology research and development can put themselves in the position of customers from a professional point of view and win their trust. Thanks to the training mode of the company's product managers," said Liu Fei, product manager of XCMG lifting machinery overseas sales support department with emotion

Liu Fei, as the first batch of overseas product managers selected by XCMG hoisting machinery division in 2014, relying on the "Trinity" overseas talent joint training mode jointly promoted by XCMG hoisting machinery and import and export company, through classroom training, learning, on-site practical training and post training, he has transformed from a technical R & D personnel into a versatile employee integrating product manager, business manager and service manager

since the joint training mode of overseas product managers was launched in 2014, there have been two batches of 14 overseas product managers distributed all over the world in just over a year. They understand technology, promote products, understand business, negotiate business, master skills and repair services. Such an international sharp knife team of XCMG hoisting machinery has laid a solid foundation for XCMG to take a key step towards internationalization and achieve the grand goal of "climbing Mount Everest"

go out and win a vast world. The protective cover is firm and reliable.

in early 2015, XCMG hoisting machinery division, in accordance with the requirements of XCMG group's "going out" strategic deployment, deployed elite troops and strong generals, and established an overseas sales support department to support import and export companies to expand overseas markets, effectively supporting the expansion of Asian market territory led by Southeast Asia

the cargo handling capacity of the port is more than 120 million tons. As the first engineering machinery enterprise to go out, XCMG products have taken root in five continents, and a group of XCMG workers, product managers and sales service engineers have also been integrated overseas. At present, XCMG has more than 280 overseas agents and more than 500 contracted service providers, and has established 11 overseas branches, 32 overseas offices and 14 overseas service spare parts centers in the global hot regional markets. According to the latest data of the customs, in the first half of 2015, the number of 17 categories of main engines exported by the industry fell by 12.95% year-on-year, and the amount fell by 11.25% year-on-year. Under this severe situation, XCMG group, as the only club in the domestic construction machinery industry that has entered China's foreign trade export of 1billion US dollars, also has a very important increase in exports in the first half of the year compared with the same period last year. It has been ranked first in the export of China's construction machinery industry for 19 consecutive years

XCMG's internationalization is the internationalization of China's construction machinery and the internationalization of Chinese manufacturing. Take great responsibility, walk on the road, and become a great thing. Xu workers win value and respect with persistence, development and brilliance with innovation, and ideals and the Chinese dream with

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