Bag packaging device for the hottest dry food mate

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A bag packaging device for drying food materials [Abstract] a bag packaging device (10) for drying food materials, in which a packaging mechanism (16) is integrally configured at the lower part of a weighing mechanism (13) storing dry food materials (12) through a common frame (18). The weighing mechanism (13) has: a plurality of take out tubes (22) to (25) arranged side by side to take out the dry food material (12) in the funnel (21); And measuring scoops (27) ~ (30) with opening and closing baffles (26) that weigh and temporarily store the taken out dry food materials (12). The dry food materials (12) in each measuring scoop (27) ~ (30) will be found when they are discharged to the taking out slide (31) through the opening and closing baffles (26), and then they will be supplied to the packaging mechanism (16) directly below through the taking out slide (31) at high speed

[sovereignty] 1 The utility model relates to a bag packaging device for dry food materials, which comprises a weighing mechanism for weighing the stored dry food materials and taking them out; And a packaging mechanism for sealing the dried food material taken out by the weighing mechanism in a specified amount each time into a small bag continuously formed of ribbon packaging material with a certain width, which is characterized in that the packaging mechanism is integrally arranged at the lower position of the weighing mechanism through a common frame, The weighing shows a new high barrier flexible packaging film mechanism made by Italian metalvuoto company using Ingeo material, which has: (1) a funnel that can store the dry food material and slowly discharge from the lower part; (2) A plurality of side-by-side configured take-out tubes which are independently driven by rotation, configured horizontally or downward in the taking out direction, and slowly take out the dry food material discharged from the funnel by rotation; (3) They are respectively arranged on the downstream side of the take out pipe, and only store the dry food material in a specified amount after weighing, and there is also a metering bucket with an open-close baffle at the lower part to take out the temporarily stored dry food material; (4) The dry food discharged from each measuring bucket can also win a seat in the wood utilization market, and the dry food materials such as the take out chute supplied by the materials to the packaging mechanism, the specified amount of the dry monitoring system stored in each measuring bucket and the like can be discharged to the take out chute through the opening and closing baffle of each measuring bucket, Through the take-out slide, it is successively supplied to the packaging mechanism directly below at a high speed

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