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Professional win trust Hitachi construction machinery with zaxis

professional win trust Hitachi construction machinery with zaxis-5a new products appear in bices2015

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facing the new economic environment and market situation, China's construction machinery industry is undergoing a critical adjustment period of transformation and upgrading. From September 22 to 25, the 13th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange (BICES 2015) on related production and manufacturing technologies was held in Beijing, bringing together leading products and solutions to build a platform for exhibitors and visitors to fully communicate. As one of the influential innovation practitioners, Hitachi construction machinery, which has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for 20 years, appeared with the exhibition theme of "Hitachi reliable solutions". The new zaxis-5a series excavator was highly praised by professional visitors

Hitachi construction machinery exhibition stand has attracted the attention of the audience

bices 2015 is jointly sponsored by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association for promoting the extension of the industrial chain and the supporting development of deep processing bases, CAMCE construction machinery complete set Co., Ltd. and the China Council for the promotion of international trade. With the theme of "exquisite and new quality, building a dream of China", it comprehensively displays new products, new technologies in the fields of engineering construction, building materials, mines, commercial vehicles, emergency equipment New materials and customer-oriented solutions. Bices2015 brings together high-level exhibitors to meet the diversified needs of Chinese users with a forward-looking vision and jointly look forward to the future of the industry

facing the new trends of low energy consumption, high reliability, intelligence and other industries, zaxis-5a series products under Hitachi construction machinery have accumulated a good market reputation. From 2 Whether the main power switch of the friction damage server was turned on or the change direction was not turned on. It was first launched in 2014, and it has excellent performance in municipal construction, land leveling, agricultural and forestry transformation and other fields. Hitachi construction machinery zaxis-5a series products are equipped with imported environment-friendly engines and high-performance hydraulic systems, which not only significantly reduce fuel consumption, but also bring more efficient operating performance and smooth operation experience. Since zx55usr-5a and zx170lc-5a were launched in the Chinese market, they have received a good response and become the highlights of this exhibition. Among them, zx170lc-5a products adopt the leading high-pressure common rail electronically controlled fuel injection technology and cold EGR system to achieve fuel economy and effectively reduce exhaust emissions. The "excavation speed increase system" and "boom regeneration system" brought by the unique Hitachi hios III hydraulic system greatly improve the operation efficiency; The spacious driving space, suspended seats, OPG top passport and other humanized designs further increase the reliability of the product

Hitachi zx55usr-5a

Hitachi zx170lc-5a

Hitachi zx250k-5a

on April 1, 2016, the new version of emission standards for non road machinery formulated by the State Environmental Protection Administration of China will be officially implemented, and the industry product line pattern will face a new round of adjustment. Hitachi construction machinery zaxis-5a series excavators, which take the lead in the layout of new markets, undoubtedly occupy an advantage, and the high environmental protection characteristics will bring ideal investment value to customers. Zx170lc-5a has also become the winner of the "2015 China Construction machinery annual product Top50 technology innovation Gold Award", showing high-quality product strength and industry influence. In addition to zaxis-5a new products, zaxis-3g, zaxis-5g series excavators and other popular products with high market share have brought rich returns to customers in various fields. The full range of products from zx8 to ex8000 series more meet the needs of the increasingly expanding market

in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has undergone shock adjustment, gradually transitioning from extensive growth to refined development relying on new technologies and new ideas. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has grown with the Chinese market, continuously strengthened internal management and market development, and accumulated valuable experience in dealing with the current situation and the future. While introducing advanced products and technologies, Hitachi construction machinery has made fruitful efforts in ensuring machine performance, reducing maintenance costs and improving customer satisfaction. More than 340 service points across the country are fully escorting fault response and prevention and preservation. With the help of the

e-service owner's si220v/50hzte system, the equipment is electronically managed to achieve the high-quality integration of industrial technology and interconnection

in the process of localization development, Hitachi construction machinery has a more accurate grasp of the Chinese market and customer needs, and its R & D, management, sales and other links are better integrated with the objective environment. Thanks to the expansion of the domestic production base, the equipment and components made in China have been exported to Japan and other countries, and the Chinese business plays an increasingly important role in the group's global strategy. In the future, Hitachi Jianji product family, represented by zaxis-5a series products, will make unremitting efforts to pursue higher customer satisfaction, so that high-quality, leading high reliability solutions can serve more Chinese customers

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