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The third international paper, film and film processing and printing technology, equipment and Materials Expo (ice Asia 2012), the largest professional design manufacturer of air flotation drying equipment in the United States, will be held in Shanghai World Trade mall from October 10 to 12, 2012! The three-day exhibition brings together many well-known coating equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, representing the most cutting-edge coating technology at home and abroad

as a world-renowned design manufacturer of customized drying equipment, Wuxi edwans coating equipment Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition. Its main products include air flotation dryers, roller dryers, inert gas dryers, laboratory production lines, clean room dryers, air steering systems, etc., which are widely used in secondary processing and printing industries, including coating films (optical films, protective films, solar backplanes, etc.), special paper, lithium-ion batteries and diaphragms, flexible solar cells, pressure-sensitive tapes, water treatment reverse osmosis membranes Clean workshop food and medical products, etc

the company's technology comes from American ASI. ASI was founded in 1986 by Roy Downham, the former president and founder of [meg]tec company. Since then, ASI has been recognized as the innovator and leader of drying technology. As the inventor of air flotation drying technology, the company has more than 24 air guide rail, air wing, porous rod and nozzle designs, and 22 U.S. patents. ASI has effectively shortened the length of the body, reduced energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs by producing the most durable dryer with high heat conductivity

Edwards has developed rapidly in the Chinese market and has won many successful cases, involving optical films, reverse osmosis membranes, solar backboards, window membranes, dry films, carbon free paper, filter paper, etc. its customers are foreign-funded enterprises or industry giants. With 26 years of professional experience in the industry, the company can not only provide the most professional drying equipment, but also provide the whole coating 3 The solution and installation of two real screws of the gauge rod not to take off the line serve 10000 edible sports drink bags

Wuxi edwans coating equipment Co., Ltd. will hold a press conference on the special technology tire material testing machine at 14:15 p.m. on October 10 to show its most advanced and professional air flotation drying technology to many participating experts and buyers. We sincerely invite our customers to visit the exhibition and discuss in detail at booth 1-a11 of more than 500 companies in the public and downstream enterprises

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