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The establishment of professional committees to standardize the development of the industry of in mold labeling

new technologies play an important role in the development of the industry economy and often bring a new round of opportunities, so everyone generally gathers their advantages in all aspects to promote their development. For the development of industrial economy, it is twice the result with half the effort to have the guidance of professional associations

in mold label labeling technology in mold labels are printed from composite plastic film coated with hot melt adhesive as the substrate, and can be used for labeling thermoformed containers such as blow molding and injection molding. The labeling process is: the manipulator sucks up the label in the mold, places it in the mold, and melts the adhesive on the back of the label in the mold with the help of the high temperature when the plastic melts, so as to integrate the label in the mold and the container

because the in mold label is integrated with the bottle body, the sheet metal is the universal experimental machine, and the chemical composition of the coat is also the same, so it can be recycled together, with a high recycling rate, reflecting the environmental protection advantages of the in mold label. The label in the mold is attached to the side of the container after labeling, which plays the role of strengthening the side wall of the container. The strength of the container is increased by 120%, and the cross-section of the component is gradually weakened to a certain extent, reducing the consumption of bottle blowing materials. In addition, the use of plastic film substrate and UV curing ink has greatly improved the waterproof, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, wear resistance, freezing and soaking resistance of in mold labels, and optimized the usability of in mold labels. In addition, in the domestic market, only a few companies can provide in mold label labeling services. There are technical difficulties in mold design, label printing and processing, and after-sales promises of label forming products, which also need to be considered. It is difficult to forge and imitate

in view of all the above advantages, in mold labels are in the development stage in China, and the market share is rising. According to statistics, at present, there are about 50 in mold label printing plants in China, more than 100 factories specializing in the production of in mold label blow molding machines, injection molding machines and supporting robots and molds, and more than 100 end-users of various types of labels. The products are mainly used in lubricating oil, cosmetics, daily chemicals, medicine, food and other fields. Statistics from the sales of material suppliers: in 2012, a total of 15million square meters of in mold label materials were sold, with a sales volume of about 90million yuan, and the sales volume of synthetic in mold labels was about 225million yuan. However, the consumption of in mold labels in China is very small, accounting for less than 0.5% of the total label consumption (including self-adhesive and wet adhesive labels)

with the development of domestic market economy, especially the rapid development of food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic products, supermarkets, logistics and other industries, China's label industry has shown a leap forward development. As an important part of it, in mold label printing has also attracted more and more attention from people in the printing industry. But at present, more and more international companies have entered the Chinese market, bringing new technology and quality standards to the domestic label industry. We should seize the opportunity and speed up our own development

recently, the professional committee of in mold label printing was officially established. The establishment of this committee will promote the steady and healthy development of the in mold label industry, understand the trends and development trends of the in mold label industry in developed countries and internationally in a planned and purposeful way on the basis of completing the rigid demand, promote the technological innovation, product innovation and brand innovation of in mold label enterprises, organize the revision of the national standards of in mold label products, and organize the new technologies, new equipment, new processes The application of new materials in the promotion work

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