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Editor's note: through this article, we can learn how the special digital proofing system can accurately reproduce the printing effect and save a lot of costs for people

never underestimate the great benefits that accurate and stable proofing equipment can bring to you. But if you want to use the proofing system in the full-scale production process of the whole factory, your investment in this technology will be much higher than the short-term return

from another perspective, a digital printing system dedicated to proofing allows you to quickly evaluate a digital document, make accurate color adjustments, and send the modified document to the printing equipment, without requiring you to use expensive silk screen printers or large-scale inkjet printers. After the production printing equipment is correctly set and calibrated, the digital proofing system can accurately copy the order and color of the image, which is exactly the same as the effect you actually print with your own printing machine

in order to survive in the fierce market competition of commercial printing, printing service providers need to maximize productivity, which can only be achieved when printing equipment is specially used for printing. As you have found: the digital proofing system can not only liberate your printing machine, but also do what you are good at; It can also bring consistency and predictability to the printed image

why choose digital proofing

you may want to know why we only talk about digital proofing instead of analog proofing system? There are three reasons why analog proofing is slightly inferior to digital proofing: high price, the need to use film and chemicals, and less flexible than digital proofing

the price of a 20 x 24 inch digital proofing is about $30, but the price of the same size analog proofing is between $100 and $200. Its high cost of consumables, such as film and chemicals, makes analog proofing a failure in front of many advanced digital technologies, such as direct to plate, direct to screen and direct to press. Most importantly, the function of digital proofing is more comprehensive. This is the basic concept we need to understand. Let's take a look at examples in real life

Phil Garcia, the boss of S2K printing company in California, USA, has many printing equipment, such as silk screen printing brush machine, large format digital printer and printing equipment for continuous digital printing. He did not use other types of proofs except digital inkjet proofing; Phil Garcia is regarded as the most accurate printing plant in the region. As Garcia said, "digital proofing is the most effective and economical way to ensure accurate color reproduction of printed matter on many printing equipment."

an important advantage of digital proofing is that it has stronger color simulation ability than analog proofing, which enables the printing machine to set more targeted colors. A targeted color setting includes three aspects: the color of the substrate; The color of the ink (density and hue) and the percentage of the defined color (point percentage)

many analog proofing are limited by the proofing equipment for the substrate, and many substrate materials affect the color density that the proofing equipment can achieve. In addition, most analog proofing requires setting point enlargement values. If people want to change the percentage of points, they must process and adjust the film output of the image

now, let's take a look at ordinary digital proofing equipment. If digital equipment is used, the printed substrate can be selected, the ink color can also be managed through color management software, and the hue percentage can also be adjusted in the color management software for a resource or target characteristic description file

many people mistakenly believe that the accuracy of digital proofing is not high, or that the reason for the low quality of film proofing is the insufficient education of the printing public. Digital proofing can simulate the background color, ink hue and percentage of dots required to match the original, thus avoiding the problem that the color gamut of the target document is larger than proofing. I can assure you that if digital proofing is properly calibrated and color managed, it can become the most comprehensive tool in the color management workflow

bill blechta of sun silk printing factory faces the challenge of matching silk printing samples quickly and accurately every day. At present, taiyangsi printing factory uses professional inkjet detail system to control the color of silk printing (monochrome printing machine) and digital production equipment

blechta said: "I believe that for enterprises like sun company, it is very important and cost-effective to have an accurate digital proofing equipment. We use monochrome printing machines to produce all silk printing images, and this proofing we have can bring us, and more importantly, our customers strong confidence that we can finally produce products with accurate colors. In terms of digital technology, we have a variety of Digital equipment can make up for the defect of silk printing ability, and at the end of each day, we can know how many silk printing and digital printing movable parts were produced that day. "

because digital proofing has the advantages of low cost, chemical free processing and high flexibility, the whole printing industry has set off a wave of transformation from analog proofing to digital proofing. Analog proofing appeared in the mid-1970s, while digital proofing first appeared in the mid-1990s. Since then, digital proofing has occupied more than 60% of the proofing market. Today, the market share of simulation proofing has fallen to about 10%, and this proportion is likely to continue to decline

calibration of digital proofing

productivity in printing production is mainly based on predictability. Without predictability, you can't make a profit. People often pay a high price for finding color deviation at the end of printing. Rick auterson, a color management expert at Pratt printing company, said, "digital printing has moved from concept Proofs (Group Edition) to contract Proofs (group edition and color). Customers will not accept the 'surprise' you bring them. Your printer may have a limited color gamut, but as long as the printed matter can finally match the proofs, it is a qualified product."

I agree with Rick. Like others, I like surprises. I like to get surprises on my birthday, anniversary and other special days. But I don't like to see the so-called "surprise" on the printing press. The appearance of color deviation will interrupt the printing production. Think about the cost of current printing equipment. These equipment must keep working normally and cannot idle when adjusting and delaying. Many printing houses do not realize the loss caused by color deviation. Our recent survey of printing enterprises in North America has sounded an alarm for people

what is the biggest challenge facing the printing factory at present? The answer I heard most during the investigation was: time. The staff of these printing plants have said that when they can't meet customers' requirements for delivery time, customers will send live parts to their competitors. Evaluators spend a lot of time on live parts, but they just ignore the problem of time. If printing houses have more time, they can make the printing process more accurate. Therefore, we can find that the biggest challenge they face is actually time

the most common way to solve this problem is to buy another printing equipment. But I think this is a practice of "picking up sesame seeds after losing watermelon", and the new equipment will bring a greater burden to the printing factory. Improving efficiency is the only way out for printing houses - not adding equipment

you must realize that we can't create more time than others. Everyone has 8760 hours a year. Hard work does not create more time. Only by making full use of time through efficient production can we bring more benefits

the theory that predictability is equivalent to profitability has been accepted by most printing enterprises. Printing companies that choose to make full use of their time to produce predictable moving parts often make more money than companies that only know how to work hard. In fact, every hour you waste is gone forever, and these wasted time will cost the printing factory

consider the following example: if a printing factory completes 15 color prints a week and fully understands the green concept brush movable parts of steel structure buildings, the cost of printing machine operation is $500/hour, then when the employees of the company adjust the color of the printing machine, the time cost of such materials in meeting the dynamic strength index is $500/hour. If a printing factory prints 15 movable parts every week, and each movable part delays 4 minutes in color adjustment, whether it is made of metal or non-metal materials, the money it wastes on color adjustment throughout the year will be as high as 260000 US dollars

but on the other hand, if you can avoid these losses, you can get a net profit of $260000 a year! Therefore, if your annual yield is 10%, then a net profit of $260000 means that your annual sales have increased by $2.6 million. Now you know the importance of accurate samples to the printing process? My point is that buying a bigger device is not the ideal solution. Improving the return rate of work is the best way to solve the problem. Calibrated and accurate samples can help printing plants save time and cost, and can effectively avoid the problem of color deviation, which is very important for both silk printing and digital printing. Small color deviation may bring huge losses to printing enterprises in a very short time

when the computer operator adjusts the printing machine to make the printing effect match the documents sent by the customer or the previously printed samples, the production of the printing equipment will be delayed or interrupted (idling). The solution to this problem is to use a calibrated offline digital proofing system specially designed for this production equipment. Once the workflow is started, the offline proofing machine can calibrate the color of the next movable part when the printing machine produces a movable part. When the production equipment is ready for the next live part, it can start production immediately, because the images it needs to print have been proofed and corrected in advance. Those printing houses that use printing machines as proofing machines waste a lot of time and cost every month, which is not worth the loss

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