The hottest paint promotion uses RMB illegally and

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Paint promotion uses "RMB" to break the law and "disrupt the situation"

paint promotion uses "RMB" to break the law and "disrupt the situation"

December 17, 2007

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coins hidden in paint barrels

recently, Mr. Yin, who is decorating a house in Shenyang, called this newspaper to "report" the painter who is decorating his home. "After taking the job, he kept saying that some unknown paint was of good quality and asked me to buy it to paint the wall. As a result, I found a dollar coin specially put by the manufacturer in the paint bucket a few days ago!" Mr. Yin angrily told him that if it weren't for his sharp eyes, he might not know this after the house was decorated. The painter must have recommended this paint to himself because he said it was of good quality in order to get the coins given by the manufacturer. He felt cheated. "I don't care about the extra money the painters earn. But I don't have a clue about the quality of the paint the painters use for kickbacks."

are coins really hidden in the paint bucket? Recently, I came to a building materials store in Tiexi District of Shenyang and said I would buy paint with coins. As soon as the shopkeeper heard this, he immediately found a bucket. "This brand of paint in our shop carries coins in the bucket. There is also a kind of all-purpose glue with coins. You can find one yuan in each can. Do you want it?" When asked about the quality and sales of these two kinds of building materials with coins, the shopkeeper said frankly, "the quality can't be compared with those big brands. However, the sales are good. Many decoration teams come to buy goods in boxes. Who will use it and who will get the money. In fact, this is a little rebate given by the factory."

money is hidden in the chicken essence bucket

except that money can be hidden in the paint bucket, there is also "greasy" in the seasoning bucket. Recently, Ms. Xu, who runs a restaurant, inadvertently found several one yuan coins hidden in a large jar of chicken essence that her chef named to buy. "The chef also said that this brand of chicken essence tastes good. In fact, he wants these rebates!"

Ms. Xu complained about the characteristics of the pressure burst tester. After careful observation, she found that the price of this brand of large package seasoning was similar to that of other brands of chicken essence, but the quantity of each can would be less. "The wool comes from the sheep. The manufacturer relies on these rebate money to attract chefs to use this compound polyurethane adhesive product, a brand of chicken essence with a huge market in the future. The rebate money is all put in the chef's pocket. It is our restaurant that suffers from the loss of chicken essence because of insufficient chicken essence." Ms. Xu angrily said, "if manufacturers really want to improve sales, they should work hard on high quality and low price. How can they think about giving rebates?"

Recently, Ms. Zhang received a shopping coupon worth 100 yuan from a supermarket near her home when she redeemed her membership points. However, the problem is that this shopping coupon looks too much like a real 100 yuan. Holding this shopping voucher, Ms. Zhang muttered, "how can supermarkets print money?"

not long ago, Mr. Gao received a voucher that also looked like RMB when eating in a restaurant. "The back of the voucher says' next time I consume this voucher, I can offset the meal fee of 20 yuan ', but the front is printed with a pattern of 20 yuan, which even looks like the national emblem and pattern. At first, I thought it was the cash directly returned to me by the restaurant!"

as for the phenomenon that shopping vouchers and vouchers for promotional purposes are similar to RMB, counterparts in the catering industry do not have much antipathy. The manager of a restaurant also told him that he thought this practice not only attracted attention, but also vividly displayed the merchants' behavior of making profits. As for whether merchants can directly print the RMB pattern 1, on the one hand, it is because they are increasingly involved in the development process of new products and new processes and printed on promotional materials. The heads of several hotels and supermarkets interviewed said that they do not know what regulations the state has in this regard, but since it has not been stopped, there should be no problem doing so

the law forbids using money to "promote"

to directly carry RMB into goods as a rebate. Is this right or wrong? Wangnailong, a lawyer from Liaoning Longfeng law firm, said that the state has special regulations on the use of RMB in circulation. Article 25 of China's "Regulations on the administration of RMB" stipulates: "illegal trading of circulating RMB is prohibited." Article 26 of the law stipulates that "the operation of circulating RMB shall be approved by the people's Bank of China." The practice of directly entraining RMB into commodities is obviously not within the normal circulation range of RMB. Once the legal provisions are violated, Article 44 of the law also stipulates that "those who violate the provisions of articles 25 and 26 shall be given a warning by the administrative department for Industry and Commerce and other relevant administrative law enforcement organs, and their illegal gains and illegal property shall be confiscated, and they shall also be fined not less than one time but not more than three times their gains; those who confiscate their illegal gains shall be fined not less than 1000 yuan but not more than 50000 yuan."

Lawyer Wang nailong analyzed that directly using the method of "Commission" or "rebate" to promote sales also violated the "Anti Unfair Competition Law". According to Article 8 of the law, business operators cannot use the method of "bribery with property or other means" when selling goods. The article also stipulates that "when selling or purchasing goods, an operator may give a discount to the other party in an express manner and may give a commission to the intermediary. If an operator gives a discount to the other party and a commission to the intermediary, it must be truthfully recorded in the account. The operator who accepts the discount and commission must be truthfully recorded in the account." Therefore, the practice of carrying coins in packaging barrels should be regarded as an "act of unfair competition" and should be stopped

as for the use of RMB patterns on shopping vouchers and vouchers, Lawyer Wang nailong told that the state also has special regulations. Article 8 of the measures for the administration of the use of RMB patterns stipulates that "the use of RMB banknotes (including plastic banknotes) patterns should follow the following principles of heat preservation for 20 ~ 30min: (1) the use of RMB patterns of the same size as RMB must be stamped with the words" the pattern is not allowed to circulate ", and the size of the words should cover more than 1/3 of the format of the pattern. (2) When using the enlarged and reduced RMB pattern, the proportion of enlargement and reduction must not be less than 25%. " In terms of the use of the RMB pattern, Article 4 of the law stipulates: "the use of the RMB pattern shall be subject to the approval system of one batch for each case. The people's Bank of China is the approval authority for the use of the RMB pattern, and the branches of the people's Bank of China are the acceptance institutions for the use of the RMB pattern."

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