The hottest painter fell into the elevator shaft a

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The painter fell into the elevator shaft and died

the painter fell into the elevator shaft and died

June 8, 2005

yesterday afternoon, on the construction site of Shengshi Huacheng real estate opposite the Tianhong mall in Jiangtou, Xiamen, a painter of materials mistakenly entered the elevator shaft and fell dead

at about 4 p.m., when arriving at the scene, the construction site of shengshihuacheng temporarily restored calm. When asked about the falling accident, the workers all knew that someone fell from upstairs, but they saw very few people, so they couldn't give a more detailed situation

instead, I learned from the staff of the construction unit that the deceased, surnamed Li, was a painter from Sichuan. The staff member said that according to the workers present at the time, Li was working on the 11th floor, probably to urinate at the elevator shaft, and accidentally fell down the elevator shaft on the 4th floor from the elevator wellhead. The staff member said that in the past two days, people from the elevator company were ready to install the elevator and removed the protective fence at the elevator entrance, which led to Li accidentally falling from the elevator wellhead

at 5 p.m., the construction site of Shengshi Huacheng suddenly swarmed into about 40 people dressed as construction workers. They angrily crowded into the temporary office of the construction site, claiming to be relatives of the deceased Li, and wanted to discuss with the construction unit. They believed that the construction unit did not do a good job in dealing with the aftermath of the dead. "In such a hot day, people died for more than two hours, but they still hadn't dealt with it, and they didn't buy ice to protect the body." "Everyone is born by their parents. Why do you just leave the body on the construction site unattended?" Although the leaders of the construction unit present kept explaining and the personnel of relevant departments were also persuading, Li's relatives were still emotional. A few minutes later, the police of Jiangtou police station rushed to the scene to maintain order, and the situation was brought under control

then, I came to the building under construction with Li's relatives. When I first turned into the corridor, the dark corridor made it difficult to walk. I fell down the muddy corridor along the dark and muddy market, and touched the fourth floor. The corridor leading to the elevator shaft was also very dark, and I couldn't see the elevator wellhead at all. With the help of the camera flash, I saw a pool of blood on a bamboo raft installed in the elevator shaft between the third and fourth floors. This is the landing place where Li fell

turn to the elevator on the south side of the fourth floor and see the wrapped body of Li. Li's son kneels beside him and is devastated. A painter working at the same construction site with Li said that they were responsible for the interior wall paint of the building, and Li was a paint mixer. At more than 2 p.m., after Li's paint was used up, he wanted to go out to find raw materials, and he might also want to find a place to urinate, but he fell into the elevator shaft. They all work separately. Someone heard a loud bang, and then they looked for someone. Finally, they couldn't find Li until they knew he fell downstairs. Li's workmates said that it may be that he has just arrived at the construction site for 5 days and can print it out by means of statements. He is unfamiliar with the terrain. The main reason is that there are no protective facilities at the elevator wellhead. At present, the matter is still under further investigation and coordination

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