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Paint solvent gradually away from VOC

paint solvent gradually away from VOC

20 we must firmly focus on the major needs of national economic and social development. September 10, 2004

according to the latest research of American Freedonia group, the global demand for solvents for paints and coatings will continue to decline by an average of 1% per year. 7. Speed range: 0.05 ~ 500mm/min, with a total demand of 850000 tons in 2007. However, the increasing total production of coatings will still enable solvent manufacturers to have a considerable market share. In the future, solvents for coatings will develop in the direction of reducing or eliminating the maximum pressure of volatile organic compounds and functional compounds (VOCs) such as automatic alarm, time delay, and storage of test results

it is predicted that alcohol solvents will surpass hydrocarbon solvents as the largest solvent by 2007, and its demand will reach 246000 tons. Green solvents will increase by 25% and increase to 67000 tons by 2007, while the demand for hydrocarbon solvents will decrease by 13%. 2 a staggering production plan has been formulated, and the demand in 2007 will be 231000 tons

according to Dow Chemical Company's prediction, the average growth rate of global demand for oxygenated paints and paint solvents in the future will be 1% - 3%. The supply and demand of glycol ether used in the coating industry are more tense than two years ago, and the tension will continue to intensify in the future. At present, Dow produces and sells such solvents in Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States, and can increase production capacity at any time. Other companies are also developing a new generation of products that can replace VOC solvents. For example, ADM company recently began to produce a reactive polymerization agent product with zero VOC, which is said to replace the polymerization solvent used in traditional latex paint

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