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There are loopholes in paint sales. Insiders say that there are loopholes in paint sales. Insiders say that there are loopholes in "absolutely environmental protection" greasy paint. January 17, 2011

[China paint information] behind the greasy paint,

bought several barrels of paint, and workers always say that it is not enough; The businessmen claim that the formaldehyde of absolutely environmental friendly paint is still beyond the standard after decoration; Obviously, I bought brand-name paint, but what I painted on the wall was another brand. Take a look at some tricky things in the process of paint sales and use disclosed by insiders

greasy 1: packet meter

coating is a quantitatively packaged product. Due to the low recognition and recognition of consumers, the carbonization temperature of MOF materials in general products needs to exceed 500 degrees Celsius. The identification of performance mainly depends on the manufacturer's logo. Therefore, in the consumption link, consumers' unprofessional purchases and painters' influence are easy to deceive consumers. For example, a barrel of paint is enough for a 110 square meter house in some families, but due to the manual operation of decorators, a 70 square meter house needs several barrels. In addition, painters "repackage" good coatings into poor ones, or the coatings with high prices you buy in specialty stores, which are damaged by dishonest store owners. As a result, the same brand goods with low prices are taken home

tips: when buying, you should pay attention to the outer packaging of the goods and pay attention to whether there are several signs of similar packaging to avoid taking it wrong. When decorating, you can keep an eye on the decorator to ensure the degree of equipment measurement data and prevent the painter from changing the coating

greasy 2: deliberately exaggerating functions

consumers are irrational, do not have relevant knowledge of paint products, and do not comprehensively consider information. The most typical is the so-called "five in one" products that are now popular in the paint industry. The basic functions that general coatings should have are deliberately exaggerated. These five functions include: mold resistance, easy scrubbing, covering fine cracks, lasting beauty and fragrance. In fact, the mold proof and coverage functions of the paint are basic functions, but now they are taken out by businesses to make selling points. For the two functions that should have been provided, consumers spent a lot of wasted money

tips: don't blindly believe the hype of merchants, understand your own needs, choose the corresponding products, and consult experts before buying. As for whether it has the function of green environmental protection, there must be the test report of relevant departments as evidence. Consumers must pay attention when buying, and do not blindly believe the slogan of "green environmental protection"

greasy 3: only sales but no service

most consumers only pay attention to the immediate effect when buying paint, and ignore the service. When selling, merchants only introduce products, and never mention after-sales service. When there are problems such as color fading and powder dropping on the wall, the car body adopts a variety of mixed materials such as steel and aluminum, which can't be solved anywhere. Most of the manufacturers require consumers to solve the problem directly with the dealer. Even if they promised to come to the door for maintenance at that time, the time would be delayed again and again, and it would eventually end in nothing

tips: try to choose famous brand products when economic conditions permit; Manufacturers without after-sales service generally shirk it with the words "unnecessary" and "no problem"; Call the manufacturer directly and ask about the time of on-site maintenance. A good manufacturer will promise to provide on-site service within 24 hours

greasy 4: lack of Jin and less quantity during "1035"

lack of weight and confusion between the concept of volume and weight, some paint manufacturers and dealers also cooperate in the packaging volume. Some consumers may buy coatings that are short in weight, but they will not go back to weigh, which is too troublesome and there is no good way to distinguish

tips: try to choose paint products from large brand enterprises to protect their own interests. In addition, consumers should also "see, smell and rub" after opening the package, that is, to see whether the coating has sedimentation and caking; Smell the paint for odor and irritant smell; Paint on the cement floor. After the coating is dry, scrub it back and forth with a wet rag. The coating of latex paint will not be damaged generally. The powder will fall off when the water-soluble coating is scrubbed for several to dozens of times

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