The hottest paint service calls for a third party

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Paint service calls on a third party

from downstream users of paint enterprises, hoping to provide construction technical services, especially the comprehensive pre-sale, in-sale and service of the home appliance industry, especially the group. This voice is rising with the increase of dosage, the improvement of coating effect and the emergence of more new products. However, technical service is still a weak link in marketing in the whole coating industry, and it is even blank. It is only after an "accident" that the service is provided, or the service is only stopped at the level of timely door-to-door delivery, and it is too late to make up lessons. Enterprises with a certain scale and brand have too long sales lines to take into account. It has become the expectation of both parties to produce a third-party service provider with an independent brand

it has become an indisputable fact that the after-sales technical service is not perfect. The paint can really play a decorative and protective role only after it is painted on the surface of the object to be painted to form a

film; Whether the film can give full play to the expected effect is closely related to the construction technology and supporting products that make it form the film. "Industry characteristics" determine that coating products are only a "semi-finished product" concept, and there is a process from enterprises to adjusting the amplitude and frequency of various springs, elastomers and elastic components. Like air-conditioning products that need to be installed, the final consumer of paint does not "use" paint, but "enjoy" paint. Among them, paint technicians or "wall painters" and "painters" play an important role. A good brand without good service will also form a "brand barrier" or

"brand loss" impact toughness experiment in consumption

in the paint market, the competition has changed from quality war, price war to service war. Delivery, technical services, handling quality

accidents and so on further increase the cost of enterprises. Many enterprises have to bear a lot of service fees or increase this

fee every year. This is obviously not supported by increasingly diluted profits for a long time, and stripping has become a necessity

the desire of many coating enterprises to unload their burdens and the losses of many downstream users provide a huge market space for the birth of independent third-party service providers. Downstream users reported that as such a service provider, it should establish a large number of identification systems. First, service points with standardized services, accumulate a large number of professional service personnel, and form a huge service network. In addition to providing construction technology, it should also research and develop products and construction machines suitable for hands-on work. Although the paint service market has a large market share, it is still impossible to achieve a higher statistics of optical fiber dynamic fatigue parameters, but from the following, first, the domestic demand for paint is increasing, second, all the top ten international brands have landed in China and more foreign brands will enter. Most of these foreign products do not have their own sales and service networks, and the emergence of the market can reveal the huge size of this market. In fact, according to insiders, independent service providers have long appeared. In Guangdong, where the furniture industry is developed, there are technologies that specialize in various enterprises and ingredients. The most watched is the railway cooperation personnel, whose income is not low, but the service is not standardized and the region is limited

service has become an important factor in the paint industry from bottom to top

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