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Nanjing: painters lost their "sexual well-being" due to paint poisoning and 520000

Nanjing: painters lost their "sexual well-being" due to paint poisoning and 520000

January 7, 2011

[China paint information] it was originally a simple job of painting behind others to earn some money to subsidize household transparent, halogen-free and phthalate free, non-toxic, easy to process, flexible thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) particles, I didn't expect to faint at the construction site when I finally brushed. What's more serious is that Zhang Hongjun still can't take care of himself after treatment, and he also lost the "sexual blessing" that ordinary people have. For this reason, Zhang Hongjun sued the coating company and the company that subcontracted waterproof engineering to the court to claim hundreds of thousands of yuan for various losses. Recently, after more than a year of trial, the case of 3. Ensuring the smoothness of metal materials was closed in the form of mediation. In addition to the more than 300000 medical expenses, Zhang Hongjun recovered more than 520000 yuan in various losses

the worker painting waterproof paint fainted

Zhang Hongjun has no formal job. There are old and young people in his family. He usually follows others to do small work to earn money, and gets money once he finishes a project. One afternoon in the summer of 2008, he received a task to paint a cold storage in Jiangbei with waterproof paint. But Zhang Hongjun didn't work for long. He felt very uncomfortable and soon passed out. At first, the workmates thought that Zhang Hongjun was too tired, so they hurried to send Zhang Hongjun home to have a rest. In the next few days, Zhang Hongjun didn't wake up. He was unconscious and his limbs twitched from time to time. Seeing that something bad happened, his family rushed him to a nearby hospital for treatment. After nearly 20 days of treatment, Zhang Hongjun finally woke up, but his limbs were still twitching. After the situation was slightly stable, Zhang Hongjun was sent to another large hospital for treatment. Considering the nature of Zhang Hongjun's work, experts in the hospital diagnosed that Zhang Hongjun had inhaled excessive benzene and xylene, which was a mixed poisoning of organic compounds. Zhang Hongjun received several treatments successively, and the medical expenses cost more than 300000, but he still failed to recover completely. You can only rely on a wheelchair every day. Zhang Hongjun believes that the unqualified paint he used when painting led to his tragedy. For this reason, in the autumn of 2009, he sued the foreign waterproof coating manufacturer, the company affiliated to the construction team and two coating dealers to the Liuhe District Court

the court of Liuhe District tried the case several times from autumn 2009 to November 2010. During the trial, Zhang Hongjun himself applied for a disability level appraisal, and the appraisal institution determined that his disability level reached level 1. The defendants obviously did not agree with this appraisal. Under the organization of the court, the two sides jointly applied for another appraisal institution to appraise Zhang Hongjun's injury, and the appraisal institution organized forensic psychiatrists and neurologists for consultation. After inspection, Zhang Hongjun's limbs and head will have involuntary convulsions when slightly stimulated, and he can't complete dressing, fist clenching and other activities. Zhang Hongjun said that he often has headaches, often has difficulty sleeping, and has lost sexual function. After appraisal, the final appraisal institution set the disability level of Zhang Hongjun at eight levels

the "benzene exceeding the standard" was detected in the coating sample.

the court also entrusted relevant departments to identify the waterproof coating that caused this lawsuit during the court trial. Before the identification, the waterproof coating manufacturer claimed that it produced qualified products and took out the inspection report of the local product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, which concluded that benzene was not detected. Zhang Hongjun said that he could not accept the inspection report of the product quality supervision and Inspection Institute provided by the manufacturer and asked for a re inspection of the coating. The court of Liuhe District sent two barrels of paint samples to Jiangsu Institute of product quality supervision and inspection for entrusted inspection. After inspection, the benzene content in the two barrels of paint is different, one barrel is 0.1g/kg, while the other barrel is 6g/kg, but neither of them is "not detected" in the inspection report provided by the manufacturer. According to the limit of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials (GB), the maximum content of benzene in adhesives shall not exceed 5g/kg

In early December last year, the court held another hearing on the case. In combination with the previous two disability level reports, the court decided the disability level of Zhang Hongjun's injury as level 4 disability. Both the plaintiff and the defendant agreed and agreed to mediate, but the Plaintiff still insisted on compensation of more than 700000 yuan, and the defendants only agreed to compensate 520000 yuan, The two sides can't talk anymore

Yesterday, it was learned from the court that after another mediation before New Year's day, Zhang Hongjun appropriately reduced the amount of the claim. In addition to the more than 300000 yuan spent on the treatment, which had been paid by the company that subcontracted the waterproof project to them at that time, the coating company and the seller compensated him another 520000 yuan. A complex lawsuit that lasted more than a year ended with mediation

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