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Paint Wallpapers compete in the decoration market

paint Wallpapers compete in the decoration market

December 22, 2003

after several twists and turns, wallpapers return to the ranking of home decoration trends, and the rules of the market have always been the same. When all kinds of paints perform well due to their rich colors, wallpaper must be given a cold shoulder. When the development of paint products is obviously lack of innovation after several years of rapid development, wallpaper returns to the ranks of people because of its strong decoration and the convenience of being replaced at will

at a time when the domestic paint market is in a frenzy over the "VOC" content, wallpaper that can replace paint decorative walls has become a new pursuit of urban white-collar family decoration with the characteristics of environmental protection, beauty, prominent personality, convenient replacement and so on. Judging from the winter sales of many building materials cities, the sales of wallpaper have gradually increased, with a year-on-year increase of about 15%

the reason why wallpaper can return to the list of trends is not only because it is easy to use, but also because of the rich and colorful patterns of wallpaper in recent years. With the development of architectural technology itself, the type and quality of wallpaper are constantly changing and updating. Now some wallpapers have introduced high-tech content, which is more closely integrated with the overall architecture, and has brought a lot of convenience and happiness to people's life. (anchor rod) performance standard of metal rod body and its accessories mt146 ⑵ 011

the rules of the game in the market have always been the same. When the paint has rich colors and excellent performance, the "plastic limit order" on the wall is not in vain. Paper was once ignored. p>

in this case, due to the overall improvement of the performance price ratio of wallpaper, people's utilization rate of wallpaper gradually picks up, which is also a very normal consumption phenomenon. Especially in some medium and high-end decoration, Guangzhou people began to choose wallpaper more and more

the strong decoration and the convenience of random replacement have become one of the important reasons why wallpaper is widely accepted by consumers. However, in the process of wallpaper entering the family with great strides, the characteristics of stable quality and moderate price of domestic wallpaper have not blocked the fact that the variety of designs and colors is less than that of imported wallpaper. When the designs and colors of imported wallpapers are more than those of domestic wallpapers, the superiority of quality and price will sometimes "give way"

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