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American paint suppliers are facing a cold winter recently, many paint and coating market suppliers said that suppliers are leaving an unbearable year, in which the cost of energy and raw materials rose, but it is very difficult for them to adjust the price of finished products. Recently, suppliers participating in the international paint exhibition in Philadelphia, the United States, said that competition from Asian companies also continued to affect the profitability of domestic suppliers in the United States, with the most serious impact on additives and pigment suppliers. To this end, many suppliers said they would try to increase the growth rate by expanding the variety of existing products and improving services, or by carrying out some small and reliable mergers and acquisitions

basf company said that it was expanding its market share in North America in terms of coatings, and was producing high-quality, low formaldehyde amino resin with the trademark "luwipal" by rebuilding and expanding its existing coating production plant in Wyandotte, Michigan, USA. The reconstruction and expansion of the unit is planned to start at the end of this year, and its resin production EO c: conversion signal production will start in the second quarter of 2004

An official from the marketing department of Dow Chemical Company said that in order to create business opportunities in customers and product varieties, the company had merged its polyethylene glycol and surfactant businesses at the beginning of this year. The scope of supply can be extended from functional solutions and surfactants (FSS) including Dow's tergitol L series ionic surfactants to liquid block ethylene oxide (EO)/propylene oxide (PO) copolymers. One of the uses of these copolymers is the stabilizer of pigments in architectural coatings

ferro focuses on growing markets, including infrared reflective coatings, which can be applied to metal roofs of industrial buildings. Last year, the company sold its American powder coating business to Akzo Nobel and its European powder coating business, which we hope to produce bioabsorbable implants, to Rohm Hass through two transactions (with a total price of US $160million). The company official said that the powder coating business "has become a popular commodity, and there are about 35 powder coating manufacturers in North America"

Huber engineering materials (Atlanta) company, which is subordinate to J.M Huber company, said that the company had signed a letter of intent with nubiola pigment company, which is closely related to product quality and personal safety, and jointly provided some non-toxic and corrosion-resistant raw material products to coating manufacturers. This cooperation will enable Huber to expand its business in the global paint market. The cooperation will take effect on January 1st, 2004

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