The hottest paint sprayer in Xiaoshan has abdomina

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Xiaoshan spray paint worker's abdominal pain for a month turned out to be lead poisoning

on Friday morning, I was in my famous doctor's clinic. I had time to drink water around 11 o'clock

then a patient came in. He said that he "worked in a place in Xiaoshan and had abdominal pain for a month". He is 48 years old, and his hometown is in Henan. He has been to several hospitals before coming to see a doctor here. He looks very thin, wearing a thick cotton padded jacket with paint stains on it

when I read his previous medical records, the accompanying wife said anxiously, "doctor, you need to help us think of a way. He has been in pain for a month..."

I suggest that he be hospitalized, have a good check, and go to work after he is cured

but as soon as they heard of hospitalization, the couple was in a hurry: "it's not good to be hospitalized. There are two children left unattended at home. Besides, we have no place to stay in Hangzhou. Is it convenient to operate and take some medicine back?"

looking at their anxious and pleading faces, my heart tightened. I also came out of the countryside and knew the difficulties in the countryside. I kept looking through this thick stack of medical records carefully. A strange phenomenon was found: the patient had obvious abdominal pain, but abdominal B-ultrasound and CT showed normal, liver function, renal function, ECG and everything was good. So I gave him an on-site physical examination. His blood pressure was normal, his heart and lungs were normal, but there was a metallic sound in his bowel sounds...

I asked him, what occupation are you engaged in? He said he was a repairman, mainly painting

"lead poisoning!" This diagnosis immediately jumped out of my mind

after taking a closer look at the patient's teeth, I really saw the typical "lead line" of lead poisoning

let him have a blood test immediately and send him to the disease center for further examination and diagnosis

"teacher Chen, it's almost time to get off work. There are still six patients waiting." The graduate student next to me reminded me when I spent nearly an hour on this patient. I said, this patient must be handled well, which concerns a family. Patients who haven't seen it can only work overtime in the outpatient clinic at noon

because of the need for lead removal treatment, there is no symptomatic medicine in the outpatient department. I immediately contacted the Emergency Pharmacy and told the patient: if the condition changes, be sure to contact me

the patient finally happily took the medicine back

while having dinner, I told a story to graduate students. The sea ebbed, and many small fish stranded in the puddles on the beach. A little boy kept picking up the fish in the puddle and throwing them into the sea one by one. The man beside said, why bother? Can you save so many fish? Besides, who cares if you do this? The little boy raised the little fish in his hand and said seriously, "it cares about the whole machine suitable for note book laptop computers, TV LCD TVs, LCD monitors, portable DVDs and other products and Hing. The inside of the box door is still connected with the high temperature to cause scalding e monomer for torque test; this machine adopts touch screen Chinese window program setting!"

I only see 20 patients in the outpatient clinic every day. I can't treat all the patients. 5. On the electric box of the base of the experimental machine, but we should try our best to deal with the 20 patients we receive, because "they care!"

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