The hottest paint that can eat indoor harmful subs

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A kind of paint that can "eat" indoor harmful substances

a kind of paint that can "eat" indoor harmful substances

February 2, 2005

-- an interview with fan Zhentian, general manager of the coating base of Shanghai Baipo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

in 2004, under the background of the green voice of the domestic coating industry, its business covers 45 countries around the world, and a private high-tech company called Shanghai Baipo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has its own way, With a brand-new paint design concept, it introduced its original green environmental protection paint - Baipo brand series of air purifying emulsion paint to the market. In this regard, we specially interviewed Mr. fanzhentian, the general manager of the paint base of this company

Q: under the trend of green and environmental protection, various coating enterprises have pasted green. What is the difference between your company's coating and everyone else

answer: at present, the domestic paint industry has strict restrictions on the VOC content of the paint itself from the government level. At present, paint manufacturers aim to control their own VOC content, including the upstream resin manufacturers have also launched low VOC film-forming resins. That is to say, the concept of green paint is still at the level of harmless, low toxicity or even non-toxic

our coating products are essentially different from traditional coatings in the concept of green. Because we have broken through the traditional development mode of coatings and used a large number of new technologies that are not available in the production of traditional coatings, especially new material technologies, our products have unique new health and environmental protection functions, For example, it can absorb and decompose harmful and toxic gases (such as formaldehyde, benzene series, NOx, sulfide, etc.) in the indoor air, purify the indoor air, and eliminate the life odor and smoke. In addition, the painted wall surface can also be cleaned by itself, that is, the paint surface can decompose the greasy dirt in the adhered air, so that the dust is not easy to adhere and easy to wipe. 6 The test results can be cleaned by the data situation output in Excel format. In addition, our paint also has a strong antibacterial and disinfection function. According to the testing of authoritative institutions, the killing rate of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus on the walls painted with our paint is as high as 99.9%, which is very suitable for hospitals, kindergartens, schools and other places with high requirements for antibacterial disinfection and mildew prevention. These functions are not available in traditional green coatings

Q: after hearing your introduction, I think this paint is amazing. How did you develop it

answer: theoretically speaking, coating is a stable system after mixing resin, filler, pigment and chemical additives. Further development on the existing basis has been very limited. Our company has applied new material technology, especially nano material technology, to the development of traditional coating properties, opening up a new way of thinking. Nano materials, especially photocatalyst materials, have many magical functions that traditional materials do not have. We properly add photocatalyst materials and other nano functional materials to the coating with a certain process, which not only improves the traditional properties of the coating, such as hardness and wear resistance, but also endows the air purification function, oil decomposition function and self-cleaning function, making the coating break through the traditional covering and decoration functions, It has truly achieved the effect of green environmental protection and health

4. The shearing system is composed of shearing oil cylinder, front and rear beams, parallel rods, shearing intermediate tension plates, upper and lower friction plates, top blocks, connecting pins and shearing cars The double acting servo cylinder is used to apply the experimental force, supported by the shear car, and the floating cylinder adjusts the vertical shear height Adjust the horizontal position of the loading device to ensure the accuracy of the shear force and improve the accuracy of the experiment The double acting servo cylinder, connecting rod, friction plate, shear car, floating cylinder and guide rail form a transverse shear system

Q: what is the market positioning of this coating

answer: our current coatings are divided into α、β and γ Series, where α The series of products are aimed at the villa and high-end decoration market, because there is no competition of similar products in this market field. We are the market leader, and its price is positioned as high-end; β The series of products are aimed at the middle and high-income household market, which is different from traditional coatings. It is aimed at the user group with strong demand for environmental friendly functional coatings, and its price is positioned in the high-end area of joint venture brand coatings; γ The series of products are positioned in the engineering market in special fields, and the price is competitive

ask: what is the next development plan of the company

answer: at present, the company has developed a new type of interior wall emulsion paint that can purify the air by using its own nano patented technology. We plan to further apply nano new material technology to the development of coatings. For example, by applying super hard and super wear-resistant nano ceramic materials to coatings, we can develop emulsion paint with ceramic finish and texture. This product has been developed in Singapore, and our preliminary work has been completed, Now it is in the later stage of testing. In addition, we are developing exterior wall coatings with environmental protection and health functions. We plan to launch exterior wall architectural coatings with purification of urban exhaust and motor vehicle exhaust and strong weather resistance and self-cleaning functions. This will always keep the appearance of urban buildings fresh and clean. It will greatly save the cost of building re painting and cleaning, and help purify the urban air

the interview is coming to an end. We look at President fan, who is ambitious and eloquent. We look at this vibrant company, which has not been established for a long time but has eight independent intellectual property patents. We appreciate the passion of this young enterprise that once participated in the anti SARS scientific and technological research project in Shanghai. We sincerely hope that China's coating industry can keep up with the world's advanced level in the development of new technologies

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