The hottest paint market is surging again

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The paint market has been surging again.

the paint market, which has just subsided for a while, has been turbulent again. Recently, relevant personnel of Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. said in an interview that they should fully understand VOC (volatile organic compounds). This remark quickly caused an uproar in the industry. The debate about VOC is once again in full swing

the relevant personnel of Nippon Paint, a paint giant, said recently that we should have a comprehensive and correct understanding of VOC, because VOC exists in all aspects of our life, including women's perfume, men's cigarettes, cooking fumes, and car exhaust. Nippon pointed out that when talking about VOC of paint, we should focus on paint rather than latex paint. Nippon also said that compared with developed countries in the world, China's national standards are not low. Introduction and examples of pressure testing machine in China the VOC limit standard in paint is less than 200g/L; The limit standard of VOC in the United States is less than 250G/L

once these words were published, they immediately triggered new debates in the industry, and immediately there were voices of criticism. Crocodile paint, another giant in the industry that once stood out to question the national standard of coatings, believes that the diversity of VOC sources cannot prove the harmlessness of VOC. It is not appropriate to say that VOC is contained in coatings because VOC is contained in perfume. As we all know, VOC has a great impact on human health. When the VOC in the room reaches a certain concentration, people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. in a short time. In serious cases, people will have convulsions and comas, and will damage people's liver, kidney, brain and nervous system, resulting in serious consequences such as memory loss. Whether it is paint or paint, VOC will be released in the process of use. It is just a matter of who has more and who has less. We can't set high standards and strict requirements because of which has more release, and let go of those with less release. Even water-based paint can't harm people who solve the "difficulty of starting a business"

liuzhuangli, senior engineer of China Chemical Information Center, wrote that after data proof and calculation, the coating and decoration industry all over the world discharges 11million tons of organic solvents into the atmosphere every year. No matter what kind of plastic packaging is used, it is the second largest pollution source in the atmosphere after automobile exhaust. After the solvents are discharged into the atmosphere, they will cause photochemical pollution, form a greenhouse effect, and cause long-term harm to people, It is not negligible

Mr. Liu Zhuangli said, "China's VOC limit standard is stricter than the similar American Standard (250)". Where is the source of this statement? In the "China Paint Industry Yearbook" published by China paint industry association and Changzhou paint research institute, the standard of internal decorative paint in the United States is less than 150, whether VOC is solvent based or water-based

Critics pointed out that the development of any industry should not be at the expense of the environment and the health of consumers, and the coating industry should not be an exception

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