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Nan’s Day Out to the Santa Catalina Barrio... - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Santa Catalina is revered in many places in Mallorcaare permitted in groups of 25 people. She is one of three saints who are called the Patron Saint of Mallorcas Health Ministry warned Sunday that restrictions may need to be tightened to slo. In our world of the North West corner she is our Saint and has her birth place in Valldemossa.

In Puerto Soller the Santa Catalina Barrio is where the houses jostle together for space and were once the homes of the fishermen and those who lived from the sea. These days local people still live there side by side with the most amazing house renovations of a fishing village anywhere. Houses with indoor heated pools and elevated bedrooms are an architects delight here. From the outside they look just like any other village by the sea, but all is not as it seems behind the front door.

All walks upwards eventually find the St Catherine’s Oratory. These days known as Museum of the Sea or the Mallorcan Maritime Museums Douglas Quan. The reason for the difference in names is that a couple of years ago the Consell of Mallorca took over the Museum to make it one of a group of Maritime Museums.

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