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"Machine tool" enterprises have added 153 new enterprises this year. In the production workshop of sanzhuo Lighting Co., Ltd. in Xiaolan Town, an automatic production line composed of two robots and several mechanical parts has replaced the original manual production. Under the huge operation of a worker, through the joint action of the mechanical arm, seven or eight parts can be assembled into an M216 spotlight every three seconds. Then the spotlight was grabbed by the mechanical arm, and the aging experiment, active packaging and other processes were slowly completed

it is Guangdong Shuotai Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., a task machine warehousing enterprise in Zhongshan, that supplies "mechanical replacement" for Sandro lighting. Zhongshan announced the list of 93 third batch of task machine warehousing enterprises such as Zhongshan quanlifa Machinery Co., Ltd. on the 25th. From the experience of Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, most of these new enterprises are "new faces", and are concentrated in Sanxiang, Xiaolan and other towns

the relative number of "task masters" is increasing rapidly. On January 15 this year, 60 enterprises including Guangdong Hanbang Laser Technology Co., Ltd. were added to the Zhongshan task Machine Tool Enterprise Library (hereinafter referred to as "Enterprise Library"). In just five months, Zhongshan has added 153 "task machine" enterprises. According to the data of the economic and Information Technology Bureau, there are 273 "task machine" enterprises in Zhongshan, which can combine the advantages of various materials. A year ago, there were only 120 enterprises

Sanxiang Xiaolan has the largest number of warehousing enterprises

Zhongshan Saijia CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan ruiwangda compact Technology Co., Ltd. (5) implement the Construction Engineering Department of characteristic new material production and utilization platform... In the third batch of warehousing enterprises announced this time, it is found that the new "task machine" enterprises are based in Xiaolan, Sanxiang, Tanzhou, development zone, Dongsheng and other industrial big towns, And most of them are "new faces" with rapid growth. Among them, 14 of the three townships are included in the enterprise library, while 12 are included in Xiaolan Town

task machine manufacturing industry is the cornerstone and cradle of all industrial fragments. It is at the core of the production chain of newly-built composite factories, and determines the overall competitiveness of a country or region's industrial growth water. Zhongshan has always been serious about cultivating this kind of manufacturing industry. At present, the number and output value of "task machine" backbone enterprises have accounted for more than one fifth and one quarter of the province respectively

it was learned in the newly issued "several opinions of the office of the people's Republic of China in Zhongshan on promoting the growth of the task machine manufacturing industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") that Zhongshan will focus on cultivating a number of industry-leading task machine enterprises, and promote the development of CNC machine tools, industrial machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, mold manufacturing, marine machinery, electrical equipment, environmental protection equipment The market share of primary components and other categories has further improved

in terms of supporting the settlement and capital increase and production expansion of task mother machine enterprises, Zhongshan followed the economic policies of the municipal headquarters. The newly introduced "three haves" task machine tool enterprises can not only formulate support measures by referring to the municipal policies encouraging the growth of headquarters economy, and the "three haves" task machine tool enterprises can be listed on the board, but also obtain support policies including office space subsidies, operation contribution awards, "three high" Talent Awards, and the entry and withdrawal of senior executives' descendants by referring to the headquarters economy policies

successful innovation and R & D can be awarded a "post Award"

Zhang Fan, general manager of Shuotai intelligence, told that Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology and Shuotai intelligence jointly established the Zhongshan intelligent manufacturing public service platform, which has provided charging intelligent reform solutions for more than 40 enterprises in Zhongshan, and has signed cooperation and negotiations with more than 10 enterprises, including many well-known enterprises such as nasal spray weighing instrument, Tongyu communication, and Zhongshan Midea

this is only an epitome of Zhongshan in supporting the innovation and quality improvement growth of task machine enterprises

from the "opinions", we can see that from 2015 to 2017, Zhongshan adopted the post award system to support the task mother enterprise to increase its R & D investment. Among them, the annual R & D investment of less than 30million yuan, 30million-50million yuan and more than 50million yuan will be rewarded at a proportion of no more than 30%, 20% and 10%

in terms of supporting the R & D and utilization of the first set of equipment, the same way is to adopt the post reward method. After being identified as the first set of serious technical equipment products in Zhongshan, after the prototype is first manufactured and has local property ability, a one-time reward will be given according to the principle of not exceeding 70% of the price of a single set (set). The reward for the complete set of equipment can be up to 5million yuan/set, and the reward for a single set of equipment can be up to 3million yuan/set, The maximum reward for assemblies or core components shall not exceed 1million yuan/set. At the same time, Zhongshan is still competing for support funds for the "first set of projects" outside the province. Last month, 11 enterprise projects in Zhongshan received support funds of 17.8752 million yuan

"equity investment" promotes the implementation of enterprise projects

Guangdong kejielong robot Co., Ltd., which has its own technological advantages and patents in the industry, encountered many difficulties in developing the first (set) equipment project of "pipe bending machine loading and unloading robot". The relevant person in charge of the company introduced that the project has experienced a long time of research and development from design, production, testing to the actual use of the customer site. At present, many enterprises need to establish communication and negotiation to complete collaborative production because the production accuracy required by them is not consistent with the original machinery and products. In order to produce the first (set) equipment with strong compatibility, it is necessary to inject the cover with colorform surface and the sealing support below at the same time for long-term debugging and running in

the dilemma of the task machine enterprise is obvious to the planners of Zhongshan decision. I learned that in order to encourage the purchase of mission machine tools, Zhongshan enterprises purchase the products of local mission machine tools for technological reform or capital increase and production expansion, and grant subsidies not exceeding 30% of the purchase cost, with a single project up to 5million yuan

not only that, in order to increase the help for the implementation of the project, the task mother enterprise can also choose the support method of deposit discount or equity investment. For the introduced or newly-built task master machine project, the total investment in solid assets formed by the completion of the project shall be supported by interest discounts not higher than the benchmark interest rate of bank deposits at the same level in the same period. For projects with a solid asset investment of less than 100million yuan, the interest is discounted for 1 year; The project with a solid asset investment of billion yuan is discounted for 2 years; For projects with a solid asset investment of more than 300million yuan, the interest is discounted for 3 years

at the same time, "equity investment" and other capital operation methods have also been introduced into the task mother enterprise project. From 2015 to 2017, if the project investment of the "three haves" task mother machine enterprise is more than 5million yuan, it can be supported by equity investment. The proportion of equity investment shall not be higher than 30% of the registered capital of the enterprise

according to the "opinions", Zhongshan will establish a mechanism for adding equity investment funds for this purpose. The equity formed by equity investment funds can be added by means of equity transfer, enterprise repurchase and liquidation, which will be implemented by the operating company in accordance with relevant regulations. The income distribution method of equity investment is confirmed by the operating company and the "three haves" task mother enterprise through negotiation, and the income can be calculated at a rate not higher than the bank deposit rate of the same level in the same period

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