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The machine tool industry is warming up and making breakthroughs in machine tool manufacturing

Abstract: Nowadays, the development of machine tool intelligence has greatly promoted the development of China's machine tool industry, promoted domestic machine tools to the world, and created more value

the machine tool industry has been in a continuous downturn in the past few years, and the market demand for machine tools and tools in China has changed significantly. The new characteristics of the market that the total demand has decreased significantly and the demand structure has accelerated the upgrading are becoming more and more obvious. Now, the demand of the machine tool industry is gradually warming up, and the structure is upgrading. Improving the self-development of the enterprise has become the focus of the enterprise. Esatpo and you are looking for manufacturing opportunities in this intelligent era

machine tool manufacturing has come out of the quagmire, and the general direction of the industry has changed for the better.

a few years ago, the global machine tool industry was at a low ebb, and the domestic machine tool industry showed four characteristics: the industry was in the imitation stage, the key core technology was hollowed out, deep in the quagmire of the middle and low-end market, and the lack of high-end CNC machine tool industry. However, it is understood that due to the substantial growth in the demand of important equipment manufacturing industries such as national defense, aviation, high-speed rail, automobile and mold, the output of CNC machine tools in China will continue to grow. Combined with the total assets data of China's CNC machine tool industry and China's economic growth data in recent years, according to the linear regression prediction method, it is preliminarily estimated that the asset scale of China's CNC machine tool industry will reach 270 billion yuan by 2020. It can be inferred that the machine tool industry has gradually shown signs of recovery

industry professionals said that the three key ways for the domestic machine tool industry to break through were to reduce production capacity at the middle and low end, replace imported CNC machine tools with high-end data machine tools, and deeply enter the machine tool consumption market. The importance of machine tools and equipment is fully reflected in the "made in China 2025" and the technology roadmap. High end CNC machine tools are identified as one of the ten key breakthrough areas in the manufacturing power strategy, and breakthroughs in the other nine areas also depend on whether machine tools and equipment can take the lead in strengthening. Machine tool manufacturing is bound to break through

opportunities and challenges coexist, how can enterprises stand

"the brand of low-end scuffle and high-end loss has produced the biggest change in history" is an embarrassing situation in China's machine tool industry. In recent years, with the support of a series of national policies and measures, machine tool enterprises have struggled to catch up in the high-end field. When personalized demand, mass customization and high-end manufacturing become the strong demand of the mainstream market, it puts forward new supply targets for machine tool manufacturing enterprises, and also provides development opportunities. The market where challenges and opportunities coexist forces machine tool enterprises to take the initiative to speed up technological innovation and key technological breakthroughs

first of all, the promotion of medium and low-end capacity removal depends on the joint cooperation of enterprises, local governments and the state. It is necessary to deal with the problem of personnel resettlement and increase the capital and R & D investment in high-end capacity. In the period of low-end overcapacity, it is very important to do a good job in differentiated sales strategy. For example, the machine tool can be equipped with its own diagnosis system to intelligently diagnose the sub-health status of all machine tools, and intelligently predict small faults to eliminate the worries of users, which is very in line with the needs of customers in the market. Only by really helping customers reduce costs and make production capacity more flexible can customers feel that there is a future

secondly, the replacement of imported high-end CNC machine tools is the biggest goal and opportunity for domestic machine tools at this stage. For example, in (3) "environmental imitation": at present, the electric spindle has high price, long delivery time, and it is difficult to repair the fault due to improper operation, component wear and other reasons. Therefore, once domestic products are upgraded, they can replace imported products and have a broad space. At present, some domestic enterprises have a certain accumulation of high-end CNC machine tool technology and production and processing technology, and there is a gap between the short board and foreign countries in processing accuracy and product stability. If the industrialization of high-end CNC machine tools is solved, the gap between made in China and German industry 4.0 will be significantly narrowed

intelligent machine tools are the basis of intelligent manufacturing. Nowadays, the intelligent development of machine tools has greatly promoted the development of China's machine tool industry, promoted domestic machine tools to the world, and created more value. Intelligent machine tools include:

the development history of China's CNC system industry has proved that the key core of high-end CNC systems is not available, and must be based on independent innovation. New demand brings new supply and new development impetus. Machine tool enterprises should deeply tap the needs of users with dedicated spirit and professional technology to meet the development needs of key areas

it's better to hear experts talk about the industry than to see customers talk about the situation. Beizhan Dongbo will hold the 19th Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition and 2017 Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition on September 23. The venue is set to set up four special exhibition areas and six theme activities in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. We sincerely invite you to witness the grand event of the machine tool industry, follow the pace of intelligent manufacturing, and look forward to the new era of intelligent manufacturing

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