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Machine tool enterprises: use the spirit of craftsmanship to produce

today, with the booming manufacturing industry, the road of "winning by quantity" has completely become unworkable. Nowadays, the manufacturing industry needs more and more craftsmen and enterprises to be supported by God, especially in the machine tool industry, which requires high precision

Shenyang machine tool is the big brother of Chinese machine tool enterprises, but with the development of time, this big brother of machine tool began to have one kind of problem or another, and the enterprise once fell into business difficulties. In recent years, Shenyang machine tool has been seeking innovation and reform, developing i5 system, laying out 5D manufacturing Valley and attracting investment... Everything is impressive enough. While grasping the overall situation, Shenyang machine tool will not let go of the details, so that the craftsman spirit can be implemented in every production procedure

just after the 2018 annual leave, Shenyang Machine Tool i5 production line was busy. It is understood that the i5 series of intelligent machine tools is a star product with the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it is also an ingenious work in the reform of Shenyang machine tools. Relying on the i5 intelligent system, the product line allows customers to place orders flexibly and realize intelligent processing. In order to ensure the precision of production, Shenyang machine tool has developed seven production lines for industry segmentation. Refinement makes production more targeted. In actual operation, there are higher requirements for Shenyang machine tool. From the achievements of a small production line, Shenyang Machine Tool's pursuit of craftsmanship can be seen

gailia i5t5 product line manager. I5t5 is one of the seven production lines of Shenyang Machine Tool i5 series intelligent machine tools, which mainly produces machine tools for processing high-end automotive shaft parts. Originally, the machining accuracy of the machine tool for shaft parts was low. Gailiya's team increased the machining error of parts to no more than 0.01 mm by adjusting the mechanical structure of the machine tool, replacing the imported machine tool at one stroke. Craftsman spirit is to keep improving. Over the past two years, Shenyang machine tool has continuously surpassed itself. The team led by gailiya alone has made more than 300 technical improvements to the production line, greatly improving the production accuracy and efficiency of i5 series intelligent machine tools

"only when the product is well done, the customer will recognize it." Shenyang machine tool is not the only machine tool enterprise to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and work hard on the quality of machine tools. Baoji Machine tool is also an enterprise that puts the craftsman spirit into practice. In a recent interview with Baoji Machine Tool craftsman Tian haorong in Shaanxi, Tian haorong said that the spirit of craftsmanship should be put into practice. Under the guidance of the spirit of craftsmanship, we should create a platform for workers to cultivate craftsmen. At the same time, we should also improve the incentive mechanism to let craftsmen have their due treatment. Now Baoji Machine tool is cultivating and building a technical team guided by the spirit of craftsman, striving to surpass itself and strive for excellence in production. Baoji Machine Tool's achievements in recent years seem to confirm this

machine tool is a special industry, which not only has an irreplaceable position in the industry, but also is an industry that constantly pursues precision. At present, two standards have been approved by the National Standards Committee. The higher the precision of the machine tool and the smaller the machining error, the more precise the machine can be. Therefore, it is essential to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and cultivate a machine tool talent team with, technology and pursuit. Now, if China wants to develop high-end manufacturing, it needs high-end machine tools and equipment. It is expected that all machine tool enterprises will be the driving force for weak and stable operation in a short time to help national development. Only by carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship in development and production can machine tool enterprises continue to surpass and walk in the forefront of the industry

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