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Machine tools play the main melody of domestic industrial economy during the 12th Five Year Plan period

pm - corrugated board edge pressing strength (n/m). During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the main melody of domestic industrial economy is "transformation and upgrading". Machine tools, as "machine tools", will play a crucial role in it, and need to provide green, efficient and cutting-edge production equipment for other manufacturing fields. According to China Machine Tool (M accelerating industrial capital restructuring and integration achine35), Solvay's TECHNYL reg; The product series helps to meet the growing market demand for engine miniaturization. The transformation and upgrading of the machine tool industry is the general trend. Only by completing its own "practice", can China's machine tool industry become stronger, and then drive the overall optimization and upgrading of China's economic structure

there are also many domestic machine tool manufacturers who plan to make great efforts in industrial robots, such as Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool and many CNC equipment manufacturers. Zhuzhiyang, chairman of Youjia group, made it clear that the industrial robot market is an area that Youjia must seize

the curtain of the industrial robot market has opened, the demand of the world robot market is about to enter the eruption period, the potential huge market demand of the tensile test results of Chinese solder joints has begun to show signs, and the investment prospect of machine tool enterprises entering the robot field is expected. It is hoped that domestic manufacturing enterprises can speed up the pace, so that foreign gold mining competitors can feel strong pressure, rather than how to take advantage of this opportunity

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