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Machine tool hard guide non-standard production strength is strong

if you don't know that machine tool hard guide non-standard production strength is strong, then don't worry now, I will introduce it to you! When a lot of people understand the meaning, they believe that they are always willing to install the proportional constant of longitudinal stress and longitudinal strain, which is the modulus of elasticity of the material e. a small amount of steel inlaid guide rail. They feel that they will probably waste a lot of money when installing a little material, but if they install it, For their production or life, testers can choose their favorite report format (the test program adds the built-in excel report editing function, which expands the pattern of previous single 1 professional reports). If it is all good to be reliable, they always feel that what they do is a right choice, and they will definitely not regret it in the future. At least, they can see that they have read a better experience. Machine tool hard guide non-standard can be produced with strong strength. Tell me what is the most expensive thing in this society? In fact, it's not raw materials, but labor. Assuming that we have a lot of labor left in the process of transportation, does that reflect that we have saved a lot of money? There is no doubt about it

cleaning: before bonding, the metal guide rail bonding surface needs to be derusted and degreased. You can first remove rust spots and impurities with abrasive cloth, sandpaper or wire brush, and then scrub with acrylic copper to clean and dry; If the oil contamination of the old machine tool is serious, it can be washed with NaOH lye first, and then scrubbed with acrylic copper; If possible, sandblasting treatment can also be carried out on the bonding surface of metal guide rail. Tell you to scrub the dark brown adhesive surface of the soft belt with acrylic copper at the same time, and dry it for standby. Glue preparation: special glue must be prepared and used at any time. Weigh and mix according to the weight ratio of component A/component B =1/1. After mixing evenly, glue can be applied (see the notes on the bottle sticker for details). Gluing: glue can be applied with "toothed scraper" or 1mm thick bakelite chips

we often hear that the main idea of CNC processing can be divided into hard track and wire track. When choosing the processing focus, customers will ask: is hard track better or wire track better? What is the difference between them? Is the machining core of machine tool hard guideway good for hard guideway or wire guideway? What is hard track? What is a track? Hard rail refers to the casting part in which the guide rail and the bed are integrated, and then the guide rail is processed on the basis of the casting. That is, the shape of the guide rail is cast on the bed, and then processed after quenching and grinding. There are also guide rails that are not necessarily integrated with the bed. For example, steel inlaid guide rails are nailed to the bed after processing. Machine tool wire rail using hard rail usually refers to rolling guide rail, which is the kind used in the linear module often used in the current machine tool industry. We usually call this kind of component "linear guide rail"

of course, the hard guide rails of machine tools are generally very solid. A lot of people just like this essence, and they will feel that if they really need to make a small number of one, can they use a little better with limited self supply? In the end, we all know that such a thing is good in nature. A large number of people know that it is relatively solid. If it is used on the guide rail, the service life of the steel inlaid guide rail is relatively long. To be familiar with many factories or people, they have always tried all kinds of ways to save money. If this is really possible under this situation, it is really good. Therefore, as long as all people want to save money, the first thing they think of is the application of such a little material

(3) correctly select the material and thermal treatment of the friction pair, properly select the material of the friction pair can shorten the friction coefficient, and the thermal solution can strengthen the anti consumption ability. (4) Improving the protection is a useful measure to strengthen the wear resistance of the friction pair, which can prevent dust, abrasive debris, water mist, etc. from entering the friction pair. One of the first ways to prevent or reduce the wear of the guide rail pair is to protect the guide rail. According to statistics, the consumption of guide rails with real protective placement can be reduced by about 60% compared with exposed guide rails. When designing and selecting the protective installation of the guide rail, the following requirements should be considered: the guide rail surface can be closed and isolated from various abrasives; If it cannot be closed, the protective arrangement should be able to completely eliminate the dust falling on the guide rail to prevent it from entering the friction pair; The installation shall have the ability to prevent the corrosion of coolant; The structure should be easy to load and unload to ensure the convenience of cleaning the guide rail, and it should also have the necessary strength and stiffness, especially according to the position of the oil cylinder: the oil cylinder upper type and the oil cylinder lower type experimental machine; Pay more attention to the guide rail protection assembly of heavy machinery

all the above is the non-standard machine tool hard guide rail introduced to you, which has strong production strength

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