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Machine tool industry: pay close attention to the two main lines of the so-called strain gauge sensor industry integration and product upgrading

the machine tool industry is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic production means of equipment manufacturing industry. It is the foundation and lifeline of the national economy and national defense construction, and belongs to the national strategic industry. Numerical control machine tools are the core products of machine tool industry and technology intensive products integrating light, machinery and electricity, which provide an important guarantee for the development of equipment manufacturing industry

from the perspective of the industrial chain of machine tool industry, the cost of raw materials accounts for a relatively large proportion. In comparison, upstream suppliers in industries such as steel and electronics have more negotiating advantages; The industry is in a tripartite pattern of Asia, Europe, America and the Americas. Japan, Germany and China's extruder industry have beneficial conditions in terms of foreign trade exports. Many countries are still the leaders of the industry, and China is accelerating its rise; The downstream of the industry is mainly the equipment manufacturing industry, and the machine tool industry is strongly related to the downstream

China's machine tool industry has huge production and scientific research capabilities, but its internal development is very uneven. Shenyang machine tool and Dalian machine tool are the largest, with an income of more than 10 billion, while the size of Qier machine tool and Qinchuan machine tool in the second group is just more than 2 billion, and the size of other enterprises is less than 1.5 billion yuan, and the market concentration is not high

China's machine tool industry has been known as the world's third largest machine tool export to developed countries for seven consecutive years, with medium and low-end exports as the main one, low-cost consumption country, the first import country and the third production country, with an average growth rate of 29% in the seven years. However, the CNC rate and localization rate are still low, and the product structure is also very reasonable. The industry is still facing the embarrassment of "large but not strong", especially the outbreak of the international financial crisis, which further highlights these problems and disadvantages

affected by the fall in demand growth of downstream industries, the overall growth rate of China's machine tool industry will also slow down significantly. It is estimated that the growth rate of the machine tool industry in 2009 will be about 10%, which is likely to be in single digits. The growth rate of ordinary machine tools may be negative, and the growth rate of CNC machine tools, especially medium and high-end CNC machine tools, may be more than 10%

at present, the localization rate of medium and high-end CNC machine tools in China is still very low, and the key equipment required by national key projects mainly depends on imports. After years of technology accumulation and the strong support of national industrial policies, breakthroughs have been made in some key areas. In the future, the overall technical level of domestic high-end CNC machine tools will also be significantly improved. The replacement of imports will become a new point in China's machine tool industry for some time to come

investment in the machine tool industry should focus on two ideas: industrial integration, structural adjustment and product upgrading, and correspondingly look for platform companies with reorganization and integration opportunities, as well as companies with advanced technology or potential to improve CNC products, especially medium and high-end CNC products, which account for a large proportion

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