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Adjustment and upgrading of machine tool industry Dalian aims at "high precision"

in April, 2010, Nanjing, the scene of the 6th China CNC machine tool exhibition. The senior engineer of Hafei group stood for a long time in front of one or more safety equipment vehicle compound machining centers in the KDW 4200fh11 shaft 5 linkage vertical milling facility independently developed by Dalian Kodak. At the moment, in the machining center, nearly 1 meter long alloy turbine blade blanks are being processed. With the advance of the milling head, the rough coat of the blank has faded, revealing a fine and bright body. It's really a high level. The veteran expert muttered excitedly to himself

the eye-catching figure of Dalian in this machine tool exhibition is not Jinan assaying CDW (6) 0 impact experiment low-temperature groove, which ends here. LRZ series self-lubricating roller linear guide rail pair developed by Dalian GAOJIN CNC Group Co., Ltd. has the most advanced rolling linear motion unit in the world. With its high rigidity, high precision, super load and other characteristics, this product will become the preferred rolling functional component in the fields of high-precision CNC machine tools, CNC grinding machines, large gantry machining centers, high-precision instruments, high-precision industrial robots and so on, representing the highest level and development trend of linear guide rail products in the future. Dalian Machine Tool Group has become the biggest highlight of the exhibition. The machine tools on display are large, medium and small, with flexibility, low carbon and heavy as the theme. Many products have buyers as soon as they are available. For example, three flexible manufacturing islands were ordered by China's nuclear industry, and the flexible automatic line of automobile engines was used by Dongfeng Automobile Manufacturing Group for the production of Dongfeng Nissan engines

China CNC machine tool exhibition is known as the highest arena of China's CNC machine tools. Dalian machine tools are collectively unveiled here and widely concerned, showing 3) the strong competitiveness of Dalian machine tool industry in checking the status of parts and components of metal tensile testing machines. To adapt to the adjustment and upgrading direction of the national machine tool industry, Dalian machine tool is moving towards high precision

China's machine tool industry: after becoming the first in the world,

machine tools are machine tools for the equipment manufacturing industry and machines for manufacturing machines. CNC machine tools are technology intensive products, which undertake the important task of providing equipment for the development of high-tech industries and cutting-edge industries. The competition of machinery manufacturing industry in the 21st century is essentially the competition of numerical control technology. As CNC machine tools have become the mainstream equipment in today's machinery manufacturing industry, the degree of CNC machine tools determines the development level of the machine tool industry. Its performance, quality and ownership have become an important symbol to measure a country's industrialization level and comprehensive national strength. China has successively issued the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry" and the "implementation plan for major special projects of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment science and technology" and related industrial policies, and organized the implementation of a number of major scientific and technological projects and technological transformation projects. The machine tool industry has maintained a sustained growth. In 2009, the output value and consumption of machine tools in China reached US $15.3 billion and US $19.7 billion respectively, ranking first in the world

at present, China's machine tool industry is accelerating the pace of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. After the scale has become the first in the world, it has become an urgent requirement for China's machine tool industry to improve its core competitiveness, especially in the field of high-end machine tools, and gain a place in the global industrial chain. Through the implementation of various policies and measures, China's domestic high-end CNC machine tools and their supporting products are developing rapidly, and the independent innovation ability of key enterprises is significantly enhanced. Domestic CNC machine tools cover the fields of ultra heavy machine tools, high-precision machine tools, special processing machine tools, forging equipment, cutting-edge high-tech machine tools, etc. Especially in the field of five axis CNC machine tools, CNC ultra heavy machine tools, vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC gear processing machine tools, some technologies have reached the world's advanced level. The varieties of domestic five axis CNC machine tools are increasing day by day. Five axis machining centers, five axis CNC milling machines, five axis gantry milling machines, five axis floor milling and boring machines, etc. have been successfully developed in China, which has changed the monopoly of international strong players on the CNC machine tool industry and accelerated the process of China's transformation from a large machine tool production country to a powerful machine tool manufacturing country

Dalian Machine Tool Industry: after the establishment of a complete industrial system, Dalian is an important equipment manufacturing base in China. Since the 1990s, the overall pattern of the machine tool industry in Dalian has changed significantly. At present, a relatively complete industrial system has been formed, which integrates the R & D and production of machine tools, CNC systems, key functional components and basic supporting components

Dalian machine tool has made remarkable achievements in product structure adjustment and independent innovation. Dalian machine tool group can produce many kinds of machine tool products. It is the leader in China's machine tool industry, and its output value ranks among the top 10 in the world; The vertical and horizontal compound machining center developed by Kede CNC has initially shown a high level and development prospects; Qierwa CNC series vertical CNC lathes have a certain position in China. At present, on the basis of maintaining the market share advantage of ordinary lathes and economic CNC lathes, enterprises in our city have developed towards heavy, large, high-speed, high-precision, composite machine tools (machining centers). The Longmen five axis machining center, 9-axis 5-linkage turning and milling compound machine tool, flexible manufacturing unit of Dalian machine tool group, and the 14 axis 5-linkage horizontal milling compound machining center of Kodak CNC fill the domestic gap and replace imports

Dalian has many CNC system development enterprises and advanced technology. With the support of the relevant policies of the municipal government and the special funds for numerical control, through the technological innovation of enterprises, our city has successfully developed a medium and high-end numerical control system with 5-axis linkage, multi-channel, optical fiber bus, open technology and other technologies, and has been successively equipped with complete machines. The bus open technology of Guangyang technology has reached the international advanced level. The medium and high-end CNC system jointly developed by Dalian machine tool group and central China CNC has been installed in batches. Dasen series CNC developed by Dasen CNC is also committed to the production of bio based raw material systems, which has a high share in the domestic market. The multi-channel modular CNC system of Dongxin automation has won the first invention patent of China's machine tool CNC system. There are many enterprises that can develop high-end CNC systems in a city at the same time, which is rare in China

our city has become an important industrialization base of CNC functional parts in China. In terms of the development of key functional components of CNC machine tools, Dalian GAOJIN CNC group has successfully developed high-power motorized spindles, roller guides, heavy-duty lead screws, self-lubricating lead screws, high-speed precision composite heads, servo and servo power turrets, CNC turntables, truss manipulators, chain tool libraries and other products, and achieved mass production; The torque motor driven double (single) axis turntable and double swing milling head developed by Guangyang technology, the bus controller of the full digital ring bus CNC system, the bus type full digital servo driver and other products occupy a leading position in China; The high-power servo motor, servo driver and frequency converter developed by Dalian electric machinery and Putong technology occupy a good share in domestic production

aiming at high precision, Dalian machine tool should fly higher

missing historical opportunities is the biggest waste. Under the condition of having an industrial foundation and facing national opportunities, Dalian machine tool industry must have a broader goal. Adhering to the scientificoutlookondevelopment, giving full play to the existing advantages of the industry, changing the development mode, constantly enhancing the independent innovation ability of enterprises, further accelerating the adjustment of product structure, improving the level of industrialization, cultivating and developing industrial chains, and promoting industrial upgrading are all topics faced by Dalian machine tool industry. It has become a historic requirement to build Dalian into a R & D and manufacturing base of CNC machine tools and their key functional components with a large number of high-tech products and core technologies, a relatively sound industrial system and influence at home and abroad

relying on key enterprises such as Dalian machine tool group, Kede CNC and qierwa CNC, our city will focus on expanding and strengthening the manufacturing industry of CNC machine tools. Focus on the development of various vertical (horizontal) machining centers, high-speed and high-precision composite CNC machine tools, major CNC machine tools and precision machine tools. Support small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhuanghe City and other districts, cities and counties to accelerate the development of CNC machine tool manufacturing industry

continue to promote Guangyang technology, Dalian machine tool group, Dongxin automation, Dasen CNC and other enterprises to increase technological innovation, improve R & D capacity and level, and strive to develop more types of medium and high-end CNC systems required by the development of China's machine tool industry

encourage and support a number of enterprises such as Dalian GAOJIN CNC group and Guangyang technology to develop more key functional components of CNC machine tools through independent innovation, digestion, absorption and re innovation, so as to meet the needs of the development of China's CNC machine tool industry

in March last year, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, and the Ministry of Finance jointly organized the implementation of major science and technology projects for high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment. Dalian GAOJIN CNC Group Co., Ltd., Dalian Huagen Machinery Co., Ltd., Dalian Machine Tool (CNC) Co., Ltd., Dalian Guangyang science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Dalian Kede CNC Co., Ltd., Dalian Electric Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Dalian University of technology, science and technology development center of Dalian University of technology, China national first heavy industry Dalian hydrogenation reactor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other 9 enterprises received approval for 17 projects, It has received more than 100million yuan of financial support from the central government. Undoubtedly, this will become a booster for Dalian machine tool industry to move towards a higher level, more refined technology and more cutting-edge technology

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