Best fire anbangxin Electronics Co., Ltd. and Baos

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Under the guidance of the national development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen anbangxin Electronics Co., Ltd. and Baosteel technical services aviation aluminum, electronic materials, power battery materials, mayor Gao Bloomberg proposed in his PS ban proposal that the comprehensive support capacity of precision and deep processed products such as performance cemented carbide exceed 70%, The two sides jointly announced that they have officially reached a strategic partnership

Li enchang, general manager and chairman of Shenzhen anbangxin Electronics Co., Ltd., and Chen Zaigen, head of Baosteel's technical service leading group, attended the strategic cooperation signing ceremony press conference. At the meeting, Li enchang said that "in the future, Shenzhen anbangxin Electronics Co., Ltd. will carry out comprehensive cooperation with Baosteel's technical service industry in the provision, consultation, training, promotion and other aspects of the application skills of frequency converters and automation technology, and jointly provide strong support for the development of Baosteel's technical service products."

industry experts said that the cooperation between Shenzhen anbangxin Electronics Co., Ltd., the leader of the frequency converter industry, and Baosteel's technical service industry marked the country's further emphasis on energy conservation and power saving and brand awareness, and the commercial importance of intelligent automation technology. The establishment of the strategic partnership between the two sides will be of great significance to accelerate China's economic development

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