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Three modes and six misunderstandings of coating enterprises engaging in e-commerce

three modes and six misunderstandings of coating enterprises engaging in e-commerce

August 4, 2014

[China coating information] in the past two years, Dulux and Nippon had a turnover of nearly 10million on double 11, while Dulux had a turnover of more than 10million one day on double 11, 2012, which was even more important for national coating enterprises. However, the existence of the prospect does not mean that coating enterprises will definitely be able to eat this cake. They are not ready, have no strength, and have no long-term planning and planning. Many coating enterprises have also hardened their heads to start their e-commerce journey. Once the market leader of a well-known paint brand once said that wading e-commerce requires enterprise bosses to relax the control of power and a complete team, rather than what traditional enterprise bosses think, a person should be able to do Taobao art work, product description and operate Taobao at the same time. We can see that it is difficult to play with e-commerce without long-term investment and key investment plans, which is a common problem in the layout of network channels of traditional enterprises

six misunderstandings of coating enterprises engaging in e-commerce:

insufficient understanding. If branding is the profit point that many enterprises have been looking for in terms of added value for many years, e-commerce is the new profit growth point of enterprises in channel reform. We should attach importance to e-commerce as much as we attach importance to brands. Enterprises without brand hydraulic loading cannot do well in networking channels, and enterprises that cannot do well in networking channels will not have brands in the future

lack of overall planning. Network channel is to start a business again, and the biggest asset is the brand accumulated when doing traditional channels. But should e-commerce make money? What makes money? How to make money? How to promote it? Do you want to outsource some businesses? And so on. They are all system problems that need overall planning. They are not the responsibility of the middle level, and must be included in the company's annual plan

the force is in the wrong direction. In order to stimulate sales? Or for brand promotion? Take Sanquan food as an example. Opening a store to sell zongzi cannot be the main direction of Sanquan food. Because of its rich traditional channels, products are not scarce and not cheap. Consumers buy enough offline. If you are looking forward to the rejuvenation of the brand, you might as well try to use the network channel as the carrier of marketing and word-of-mouth communication

lack of understanding of purchase mode. Traditional enterprises have different distribution channels from individual stores. Enterprises have distributors and wholesalers. How to take into account? More specifically, the purchase mode is different from traditional sales. How is the product priced? How to distinguish it from offline? In addition, how are the pictures displayed? How does the model reflect? How prominent are the details? Wait

lack of professionals. Most traditional enterprises do not have business professionals in sound-absorbing materials made of recycled cotton in denim. In fact, e-commerce service enterprises have begun to take shape, and talents can also be obtained through professional training. It is necessary to build e-commerce teams with the help of external brain. Recognizing the height of e-commerce, it is necessary to ask external brain to assist enterprises in the growth of e-commerce

traditional dealers resist. E-commerce is the construction of new channels, not only new channel marketing, but also new channel sales, which has a very obvious impact on the traditional distribution channels. In addition, many enterprises do not consider making products specifically for e-commerce at all, resulting in different prices of online and offline products. For many enterprises, it is difficult to manage cross selling, and it is even more troublesome if cross selling occurs online and offline. How to avoid the conflict or collusion of traditional dealers caused by this? Wang Yongbo believes that distinguishing product models online and offline, and even playing a sub brand of the enterprise, two-line approach, since it is re entrepreneurship, is to be independent

three modes for coating enterprises to participate in e-commerce:

traditional enterprises layout network channels. According to their different objectives and resource allocation, they are mainly divided into three modes, namely, channel mode, brand mode and platform mode

the first is the channel mode. Many traditional enterprises are involved in e-commerce for the purpose of opening another new channel and operating e-commerce as a channel. This includes those offline leading brands, brands with few offline channels and small-scale brands. Global coatings believes that in this mode, enterprises can use e-commerce to sell goods, sell inventory or sell another set of product series. To achieve this goal, enterprises should first consider how to solve the conflict between online and offline channels

if this mode is adopted, the strategy of "leaning against a big tree to enjoy the cool" is more applicable. Enterprises do not need to spend a lot of money to establish their own e-commerce stations, but should make more use of existing sales platforms such as Taobao,, Zhuoyue, Dangdang, paipai, etc

4. The second kind of brand mode is the sample placed behind the experimental machine. The so-called brand mode is to establish an independent brand like PPG, Bono and VANCL, and provide a special supply for the network. 1 First of all, we should consider the need to test the range of material pull products and brands, and market and promote them

adopting this mode, it is very important for enterprises to cultivate their own positioning and core competitiveness. Moreover, the establishment of this network brand involves the whole system of e-commerce, and the attention and cost that enterprises have to invest are no less than the operation of a physical brand

the third is the platform mode. The e-commerce platform mode, like Dangdang and, does not sell its own single brand, but integrates different types of products or similar products of other enterprises, and integrates many brands and products to sell on one e-commerce station platform

in many enterprises that get electric shock, because they don't understand the platform mode, they say that I want to sell various products on e-commerce platforms such as imaging Dangdang and They forgot that this platform model is the most difficult model, which is not what ordinary enterprises can do well

because the platform model involves the upstream, midstream and downstream of the same industrial chain, as well as the upstream, midstream and downstream of different industrial chains and the integration of different industrial chains, for the platform owners, how to effectively integrate these different industrial chain entities requires extremely large core capabilities and resources, and the operation is also very complex. The biggest test for the platform owners comes from "control"

the vertical integration tests the control of the enterprise in depth, and the platform mode tests the coordination and balance of various resources and products horizontally. Because Tencent has killer products, it can establish a closed platform decided by itself. The latecomers will cover those closed platforms with new platforms that are more open and integrate more information, services and applications. At this time, whether the platform owners can control the platform is the biggest test for the platform owners

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