In 2020, the revenue of hosted VoIP and UC markets

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In 2020, the revenue of hosted VoIP and UC market will reach $13billion

CTI Forum () news on September 27 (compiler/Lao Qin): small enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud hosted PBX and unified communication (UC) services in order to simplify their infrastructure, which leads to the transfer of maintenance and upgrading to third-party service providers

although the growth of seats has been hampered by price pressure, I2. HS Markit predicts that the global cloud PBX and UC revenue will reach a double-digit annual growth rate in 2016 when replacing the indenter or anvil

from initially providing a set of products based on, now more and more service providers have incorporated additional unified communication (UC) functions into their service suite to provide more functions for enterprises seeking to surpass simple switch replacement services

Diane Myers, senior research director of VoIP, UC and IMS at IHS Markit, said in a research report that she expected service providers to add additional features to their cloud based voice products as a means to increase sales and retain customers

we see that suppliers add additional functions to maintain price levels and generate customer stickiness, Myer said

taking these factors into account, IHS Markit said that it is expected that the hosting VoIP and UC market will reach $13billion in 2020 and have 74million seat licenses

Myers said that it is interesting that hosted VoIP services are on the rise not only in the small enterprise market, but also in the medium-sized and large enterprise market

as the market continues to expand and consolidate, especially in North America, the industry continues to grow. Market participants are looking for opportunities to provide customers with greater scalability, maximize infrastructure and maximize cost savings. In the first half of this year, more than eight deliveries were easy to complete without water, acid and other mixtures. IHS Markit said that they expected this trend to continue

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