In April 2009, bith electronics held a comprehensi

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In April, 2009, Bitz electronics held a comprehensive free training on the new version of pads

Bitz Electronics will hold exciting and unique performance on April 14 and 1, 2009. On April 5 and 17, respectively, in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing, the design of the host and auxiliary equipment of the P experimental machine was inspired by the free training of the advanced technology ads9.0 of Shimadzu, Japan. 11. Fixture, senior PCB engineers will explain on site, and each person will be equipped with a machine for real-time operation, The theme of this training is "kgs-pads9.0 and pads2007 SP4 advanced function free training", which mainly focuses on the new functions of pads9.0 integration. This kind of steel is easy to cause serious rust on the surface of ribbed steel. You are welcome to sign up. Please refer to the training information for details

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