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In the first four months of 2013, CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. ordered $30million in foreign spare parts, an increase of more than 40% over the total amount of spare parts ordered in 2012, marking significant progress and breakthroughs in the spare parts industry of CITIC Heavy Industry in the overseas market. This year, CITIC Heavy Industries' foreign spare parts market

in the first four months of 2013, CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. ordered us $30million of foreign spare parts, which exceeded the total amount of spare parts ordered in 2012, with an increase of more than 40%, indicating that CITIC heavy industry spare parts industry has made significant progress and breakthrough in the overseas market

this year, the highlights of CITIC Heavy Industries' foreign spare parts market are as follows:

first, spare parts go with the host. Relying on the company's key customers and major projects, taking liner spare parts as a breakthrough, establish the brand image of CITIC Heavy Industry and improve the total amount of foreign spare parts industry. The Australian mining project alone has brought the company more than 13 million US dollars in spare parts orders. Out of high recognition and trust in the brand of CITIC Heavy Industry, Vale, the world mining giant, signed a long-term spare parts supply agreement with CITIC Heavy Industry at the beginning of the year, and has been approved by the board of directors for the first batch of spare parts orders of more than $7 million

second, active service "grabs" the market. For general flexible packaging manufacturers, in 2013, CITIC heavy industry international marketing team took the initiative to visit BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and other world-renowned mining companies to understand the use of mining equipment and its spare parts needs on site, and strengthen spare parts cooperation

third, it is the flowering of multiple fields and industries. CITIC Heavy Industries' castings and forgings have been successfully introduced to the international market with the help of the spare parts industry. The forged tire with a diameter of 7.144 meters produced by the company for the Korean project, he recalled: "The plastic bags there passed the acceptance once more than the fish below; signed the spare parts order contract for the casting big gear ring and forged gear shaft with the old customer ikdg company of the United States; signed a batch of spare parts contracts with foreign enterprises such as cbmm in Brazil, ROTEM in Israel, Jiangnan in South Korea, etc., realizing the breakthrough of CITIC Heavy's spare parts products in multiple industries and fields.

at present, CITIC Heavy must not be coated with grease. Spare parts products have been successfully distributed in Asia And into North America, South America, Africa, Australia and other international markets. With the in-depth implementation of the transformation strategy, the increasingly perfect global marketing service network system, the accelerating process of internationalization and the continuous improvement of international influence, CITIC Heavy Industries' foreign spare parts service industry will achieve a larger scale and higher level of development

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