In 2013, the Ministry of environmental protection

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In 2013, the Ministry of environmental protection undertook 527 proposals

in 2012, 527 proposals, suggestions and proposals were entrusted to the Ministry of environmental protection by the National People's Congress and the CPPCC, an increase of 10% over 479 in 2011. From the feedback, the communication rate of the Ministry of environmental protection's sponsored documents reached 100%, and the satisfaction rate of handling the reply reached 99.6%. From the perspective of quantity, environmental protection is still one of the hot issues that the national "two sessions" representatives and members pay attention to in 2012 as long as you have stable technical requirements for material testing. The Ministry of environmental protection undertook 294 NPC proposals (including 36 proposals) and 233 CPPCC proposals, accounting for 3.77% of the total number of NPC proposals and CPPCC proposals

the issues concerned by the representatives and members mainly focused on pollution prevention and control, ecological protection, rural environmental protection, policies and regulations with a pre tax profit (excluding special projects) of 1.331 billion euros, pollution reduction and scientific and technological monitoring, accounting for 85% of the total number of contractors. The suggestions made by the representative committee members mainly show three characteristics:

first, closely follow the theme of people's livelihood. Proposals related to rural environmental protection have increased significantly, and representatives and members hope to improve the quality of rural environment and ensure the safety of rural drinking water and agricultural products. Second, stick to the reality of environmental protection. For example, the implementation of measures to control PM2.5, the improvement of the joint prevention and control mechanism of air pollution prevention and control, and the in-depth promotion of nitrogen oxide emission reduction are the focus of current environmental protection work, but also the difficult and hot issues that need to be solved urgently. Third, pay more attention to the environmental rule of law and institutional mechanism innovation. For example, on behalf of the committee members, they proposed to formulate (amend) the environmental protection law and the air pollution prevention and control law, improve the ecological compensation mechanism and the comprehensive decision-making mechanism for environmental protection, and promote the innovation of environmental protection systems and mechanisms

the Ministry of environmental protection held a special assignment meeting to deploy the handling of suggestions and proposals. All departments of the organ handled it carefully and actively communicated with the representatives and members, and achieved positive results

first, it has promoted the solution of a number of key, difficult and hot issues of environmental protection, such as the opinions on strengthening the construction of environmental air quality monitoring capacity and the national environmental air monitoring (cities above prefecture level) setup plan, which have optimized the monitoring layout and comprehensively improved the environmental monitoring capacity, in response to the relevant suggestions on the construction of monitoring capacity. Second, it has promoted the process of regulation (Amendment) of environmental protection laws and regulations. The formulation (Amendment) of some environmental protection laws has been included in the five-year plan or annual plan of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council. Third, it has promoted the continuous improvement or introduction of environmental protection measures and systems. In response to the proposal of introducing denitration electricity price to promote the emission reduction of nitrogen oxides in coal-fired power plants, the national development and Reform Commission has drafted the "supervision and management measures for denitration electricity price and denitration facilities operation", laying a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting the construction of denitration electricity price and denitration facilities. Fourth, we have broadened our work ideas and changed new ideas and new enlightenment into new ideas and new measures to explore a new path of environmental protection. The Ministry of environmental protection thoroughly studied the opinions and suggestions of the representative members, absorbed their new ideas, new views and new enlightenment to environmental protection work, transformed them into new measures to implement environmental protection decisions and deployment, and promoted the introduction of environmental protection laws, regulations, policies and measures. For example, in response to the suggestions of the overall anti overload caihuaqiang across the Guangdong Guangxi border on the monitoring and treatment of environmental pollution across administrative regions, the Interim Measures for the mediation of environmental pollution disputes across provincial boundaries was issued, which standardized the dispute mediation procedures and provided a basis for the prevention and handling of environmental pollution disputes across administrative regions

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