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Exploration and practice of localization management of Ethiopian wind power project

Adama wind power EPC project in Ethiopia is the first overseas wind power EPC project in China. As Chinese enterprises continue to move towards the international market and integrate with the international market, more and more enterprises participate in the implementation of overseas projects. Localization management is the most direct practical problem faced by foreign economic enterprises. Based on the localization management practice of Adama wind power project, this paper discusses the localization management practices of international wind power projects, and puts forward suggestions on the localization management of personnel, hoping to help promote the localization management process of international wind power projects

Ethiopia is a traditional market for Chinese companies to carry out contracting engineering business. Localization management is of great significance for the economic and trade cooperation between China and Ethiopia and the long-term, healthy and sustainable development of Chinese enterprises in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government attaches great importance to capacity-building and the training of local talents, and a Ministry of capacity-building has been specially established for this purpose. Moreover, Ethiopia is also facing the problem of low employment rate, especially Ethiopian college students have a lot of complaints about the government's solution to the employment problem. Therefore, localized operation is the only way for the sustainable and stable development of overseas operations, and the practical implementation of society is the foundation of survival and development

characteristics and implementation difficulties of international wind power projects

wind power general contracting projects mainly include civil works of wind turbine foundation, transmission line foundation, wind farm road, substation equipment foundation, etc., as well as procurement and installation works of wind turbine and substation equipment. Wind power engineering has the following main characteristics

I. The construction period is relatively short and the sub projects cooperate closely

for 50000 kW wind power projects, the construction period of domestic projects is generally one year. For international projects, the same time for installation and construction period is more tense. Facing the unfamiliar environment, it takes a certain time to adapt to the working methods and management habits of owners, especially foreign owners. The sub projects work together Close cooperation is more difficult in foreign projects, because the overseas situation is more complex than that in China, and sometimes unexpected difficulties or situations will occur

second, the transportation of fans and other equipment is difficult

at present, with the increase of the installed capacity of a single machine, the weight and length of the fan tower and blades are increasing. These ultra long and overweight fan components have caused great difficulties for transportation, especially for international wind power projects, the transportation distance is relatively long, the road conditions are complex, and the requirements for hoisting machines and tools in the process of loading and unloading are becoming higher and higher

third, the construction location is scattered, the movement is frequent, and the mechanical operation is difficult.

the uniqueness of the decentralized layout of the wind farm and the repeatability of the construction steps correctly deal with the relationship between use, maintenance and repair, so that the site selection of the fan, the excavation of the foundation, the hoisting, commissioning and power generation of the fan are constantly moving from one location to another. The construction area of wind power project is large, and there are many working surfaces, which brings a lot of inconvenience to construction and management. The terrain in some wind farms is complex, and the transfer of large machines and tools is very difficult. The transfer of machines and tools and the selection of routes have a great impact on the construction period. Therefore, reasonable construction and the transfer arrangement of machines and tools are very important for the construction period

IV. the wind farm is greatly affected by climatic conditions.

the wind farm is located in an area with good wind resources, so frequent windy weather brings great difficulties to the hoisting of wind turbines, and the hoisting can only be carried out below the safe wind speed. Therefore, in the monsoon season, it is often necessary to wait until the wind is low, which has a great impact on the hoisting progress. In addition, the rainy season will also bring great difficulties to the construction, Researchers spent three years to develop this kind of new composite materials, which had a great impact on the transportation of large machinery and civil construction. In Adama wind power project, the local area is divided into dry season and rainy season. After entering the rainy season, it rains heavily almost every day, so the construction cannot be carried out, and the land is muddy after the rain, so the operation of large machines and tools is prone to danger

v. continuous mass concrete pouring, strict quality requirements

the fan foundation needs mass concrete pouring, which needs to be completed at one time, vibrated and compacted. There are strict requirements for reinforcement binding, aggregate and cement. In addition, during the rainy season construction, it is necessary to urgently adopt the rainy season construction emergency plan, take drainage, prevent rain water immersion and scouring, and ensure the accuracy of concrete mix proportion

localization management of Adama wind power project

Adama project in Ethiopia is the first EPC project of China Overseas wind power. China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group and China Overseas Construction Group form a joint venture to organize the implementation of the project, constantly promote localization management, actively explore methods suitable for wind power projects and in line with local habits, and implement localization management within a reasonable range

I. project personnel and public relations

in order to promote the process of talent localization, the project department makes full use of the local human resources in Ethiopia, boldly absorbs, trains and uses local employees, and gives full play to their language, culture, management, social relations and other advantages in the process of project promotion and implementation. Taking the peak month of construction as an example, the project department has invested 1200 personnel, including 280 Chinese personnel, 920 Ethiopian personnel, 54 management personnel, 105 transportation drivers, 552 construction personnel and 209 other auxiliary personnel. Local employees at different levels are employed, which effectively realizes localized management and brings the treatment distribution system closer to and in line with the local, Abide by local labor related laws, provide medical and other benefits for local employees to purchase insurance, and effectively implement localized operation

in the process of operation, we constantly establish business and public relations with local governments, local companies and relevant institutions. For example, in the process of promoting and implementing the project, we have a harmonious relationship and formed friendship with Ethiopian Ministry of finance, Ministry of water and energy, power company, land environmental protection bureau, police station, local township government, civil engineering company, water supply company, security company and other units and departments in the process of joint cooperation or business exchanges. Show the sincerity and determination of enterprise localization to the public in various forms. Actively organize and participate in various activities in Ethiopia, for example, organize employees to participate in various activities such as local traditional festival celebrations, enjoy with the people, respect the religion and customs of the local people, actively integrate into the local society, and become a recognized member of the Ethiopian government and people

through close cooperation with local government departments and units, the project department overcame difficulties such as tight time and heavy tasks, and successfully completed the project on time and with quality

II. Work safety

the EPC Project Department of Ethiopia Adama wind farm of China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group and CGCOC is responsible for the construction of the wind farm, drafting and issuing various safety management systems, implementing safety personnel, signing the work safety certificate, and organizing discussions for many times before the commencement of the project. In due time, the group company is requested to send an expert group to conduct safety inspection and emergency plan review, and supervise and urge the daily safety inspection, Regularly convene the joint venture to organize the project personnel to hold regular safety meetings and carry out major safety inspections

in view of the poor safety awareness of local workers and the lack and imperfection of safety rules and regulations, the joint venture project department adopts a perfect safety management system and follows the safety policy of "life first, people-oriented, prevention first, full participation and continuous improvement". From the beginning of the construction, it has signed the "agreement on safe production" and "agreement on integrity" with the construction party, and purchased engineering insurance and personnel accidental injury insurance for the project Provide safety guarantee for employees. The project department shall carry out safety training for employees, put safety first and prevention first, equip labor protection supplies, improve the safety management awareness and skills of safety managers and operators, and achieve a comprehensive and all-round safety management in which everyone in the project department manages safety, understands safety and is safe. In view of the current situation that local workers are not used to working with safety protective equipment, the project department corrected it in real time, strictly inspected it, and took appropriate punishment measures, which significantly improved the situation. There are no major safety accidents in the process of the project, which is inseparable from the project department's putting safety first, strictly implementing the safety system, and effectively protecting the personal safety of employees

through strict safety management, the project department ensures that there is no major loss of goods in the process of large-scale logistics, and that there is no injury and damage to personnel and machines and tools in the process of frequent special sessions of large-scale equipment, so as to ensure the smooth completion of the project on schedule, operate in strict accordance with the environmental requirements, resolutely stop the operation when the environment is not satisfied, adjust the operation time in time, put safety first, and arrange the time to catch up with the progress as reasonably as possible

III. protect the environment

Adama wind power project will minimize the impact on the environment during the construction period and take effective pollution prevention and control measures. During the construction process, the project department will not carry out construction at night and will not disturb the residents. In order to avoid raising dust and sand, spray water on the excavated earth and stones during earthwork excavation and loading and unloading operations, and use water trucks to spray water on the driving passages and excavation sites. The effect is remarkable. In order to avoid the impact of construction traffic noise, sand and dust on the nearby villagers and road traffic during the peak construction period, the project department strictly requires the construction unit to strictly control and manage the travel time and route of construction transportation vehicles. In view of the rapid speed of construction vehicles and the phenomenon of dust, speed bumps are set on the roads in the wind farm to make the construction vehicles pass slowly, The adverse effects of sand and dust during construction and transportation shall be avoided to the greatest extent. In the design of permanent works, measures such as planting trees and flowers in the booster station, stone laying, grass planting and slope protection, environmental beautification and prevention of water and soil loss shall be taken in the fan hoisting yard. In view of the water and soil loss before the construction of the wind farm, the project Department of the joint venture adopts the mortar masonry drainage ditch to divert water, and takes measures such as greening the wind turbine hoisting site. For the ecological environment, the existing local animal and plant species shall be effectively protected, and the wild animals in the wind farm shall not be disturbed or killed. The original ecological environment shall be maintained and restored during the construction process

after the completion of Adama wind power project, it can provide 157.4 million kw of clean electric energy for electricity every year ˙ h. Compared with coal-fired power plants, the alternative standard coal consumption is 340g/kw ˙ H calculation, about 54000 tons of standard coal can be saved every year, equivalent to about 77000 tons of raw coal. Therefore, the emissions of various air pollutants and greenhouse gases can be reduced annually. In addition, after the wind power project is completed, it will become a new power source, which can reduce the pressure of water storage regulation of the hydropower station, especially in response to the extreme climate of drought in the dry season, and play an important role in stabilizing the power supply

wind power does not consume mineral resources, and the power generation process has no destructive impact on the environment. Today, with the emphasis on sustainable development and environmental protection, wind power has become a widely welcomed clean energy. Adama wind power project is a substantive action taken to deal with global climate change, and has greatly changed the world's understanding and impression of this developing country in East Africa

IV. fulfilling the social responsibility

during the construction of the project, the Ethiopian government built the rehabilitation dam, and the project department actively participated in the donation activities and donated aid funds. Near the project site, a traffic accident occurred on the main road from Adama to Addis (xiaochunquan, chairman of Addis Yineng nano threw a mobile phone with the back cover open into the fish tank), and the transportation was concentrated

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