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Exploration on diversification of financing channels of leasing companies Zoomlion vigorously develops ABS

exploration on diversification of financing channels of leasing companies Zoomlion vigorously develops ABS

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Guide: financial leasing companies survive for customers to solve financing problems, but China's financial leasing companies themselves face financing difficulties. On May 25, the second China financial leasing summit forum with the theme of financial leasing from the perspective of globalization was held in Tianjin. The chief cooperation

financial leasing companies exist to solve financing problems for customers, but China's financial leasing companies themselves face the problem of financing difficulties

on May 25, the "Second China financial leasing Summit Forum" with the theme of "financial leasing from the perspective of globalization" was held in Tianjin. The chief cooperative media launched a sub forum of "diversified discussion on financing channels of leasing companies", which aims to invite representatives of different types of leasing companies in the industry to jointly seek sustainable solutions to the financing problems of leasing companies

as the host yang Yanqing said, the significance of developing financial leasing is far more than itself. It improves economic efficiency, provides means to resolve risks, and provides a better solution for the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises; But now this industry needs to be innovative and more effective in terms of financing, so as to have the driving force to move forward

the guests participating in this discussion are: Wang Yi, vice chairman of Bank of China aviation leasing, Shi Jinshan, executive director and CEO of Xinqiao United financial leasing, executive director and CEO of Minsheng financial leasing. 2. Wang Rong, vice president and chief financial officer of hydraulic oil supplemented by a special oil pump for the pulser system of the aircraft, Liu Xiaoyong, vice president and President of HNA capital and chairman of Changjiang leasing, Wan Jun, vice president of Zoomlion, Ding Huamei, general manager of Tianjin financial assets exchange

try private financing

HNA capital has six leasing companies, with a total scale of more than 65billion yuan at present. Over the years, the growth of HNA leasing industry has been accompanied by a difficult process of financing innovation

we adhere to three ideas: the first is to adhere to real specialization. Leasing is the product of financial specialization, and the degree of specialization, I think there are two standards, one is that we should have a clearer understanding and grasp of the leased assets in related industries, and the other is the risk management and control of the specialization of leased assets

in addition to the traditional professional friction and wear testing machine manufacturer of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd! 4-ball friction and wear testing machine Mrs ⑴ 0A Mrs ⑴ 0W and other models are special testing equipment sales channels for lubricating oil products. Our philosophy is to innovate unswervingly and unremittingly. At present, there are various conditions for financing innovation in China and evaluating the metallographic structure through special software for metallographic analysis and testing. We must persevere in this work. For example, a conference like today calls on the government and the banking industry to create a better environment, but more importantly, the leasing industry itself should innovate in compliance

trust has become an important financing means for leasing companies. We have also tried private equity funds. In 2008, we established China's first leasing industry fund with Tianjin, and raised more than 1billion yuan in just two months; This year, we established a leasing fund to acquire overseas assets with Dongjiang Bonded Port in Tianjin, and have operated nine A-320 aircraft this year

solve the liquidity of leasing assets

I think leasing companies have realized the diversification of financing channels, but the problem of capital is still bothering the leasing industry. The most valuable resource of the leasing company itself is the leased assets, but the leased assets do not play a full role in financing. Therefore, the fundamental way to solve the dilemma is for leasing companies to solve the liquidity of assets and obtain matching funds through breakthrough innovation

leasing companies should not only diversify their financing channels, but also realize the socialization of financing channels. Leasing companies should not only pursue large asset scale, but also pursue high asset liquidity, and promote the flow of capital through the flow of assets. There must be channels for the flow of leased assets due to capital and related technical reasons. Tianjin financial assets exchange is an institution that provides channels for the flow of leased assets

at present, on the one hand, we are facing the problem of excessive funds; On the other hand, leasing companies face financing difficulties. Leasing companies hold a large number of precipitated assets. We should shrink the liquidity of funds, wake up the liquidity of assets, and realize the transformation of assets and capital forms

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