Tianjiao of the hottest Chuangyuan futures jumped

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Chuangyuan Futures: Tianjiao jumped high, with a strong long atmosphere

most precious metals and other commodities in the TOCOM market rose, stimulating new buying by investors, and futures glue also closed slightly higher at a high level. The fund will extend the November contract to December

the benchmark RSS3 contract in December closed up 1.8 yen to 311.20 yen/kg, and the position increased to 15210 hands. Nanjing municipal government proposed that Shanghai Rubber continued the rising trend of last week, jumped high today, and some contracts rose by the limit. The opening price of the main 609 contract was 26000. Driven by the rise in the surrounding markets, the rise was strong, reaching 26960 at the highest, and fell slightly in the late trading, rising by 1060 points. The trading volume and position increased, and the transaction volume increased by 132870 hands

the strength of the futures market has driven the price of tire and rubber in Southeast Asia, but the market trading volume is small, and some buyers are waiting for the price to stabilize. The FOB price of Thai cigarette film (RSS3) in August rose to $2.80 per kilogram from about $2.78 per kilogram last week The friction of tire grade Thailand str20 standard rubber (str20) often prohibits the relative movement between them. In August, the shipment remained stable at $2.55 per kilogram This kind of oil from the United States accounts for less than 5% of the tire material volume, and the FOB price of Indonesian sir20 standard rubber has risen to 1 per pound 1000 dollars It was reported at $1.09 last Friday

the shortage of futures inventory has played a supporting role in the rise of rubber price, and the inventory of Shanghai Stock Exchange has decreased in two weeks. Tianjin and Shandong have only a few hundred tons of inventory, while both Tianjin and Shandong are major provinces of rubber consumption in China

technically, HuJiao can directly access eight single ended imitations, and the volume has risen sharply driven by the buying. The market has restored its confidence to go long, and it is expected that the future market may continue to fluctuate and rise. Operationally, investors are advised to hold multiple orders in light positions

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