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Liugong: Exploration and innovation in the development of overseas business

Liugong: Exploration and innovation in the development of overseas business

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during the decline period of the whole machinery industry, Liugong's overseas business maintained growth, which was conducive to the industrial layout for many years. Data shows that Liugong's current overseas sales revenue has accounted for more than 30% of the total revenue. It is estimated that by 2020, Liugong's overseas sales revenue will exceed 40%

overseas business market segmentation

"Liugong's first overseas factory was in India. At that time, the construction and investment of the Indian company were mainly considered from three aspects: land area, population and economic development stage." Zeng Guangan, chairman of Liugong, said at the international infrastructure investment and Construction Summit Forum

in addition to India, Liugong's loader micro nano scale 3D printing (micro nano structure additive manufacturing) last year is one of the world's leading advanced manufacturing fields. Excavators, which meet the technical requirements of the European Union, began to be exported to the European market. "In the European market, the consideration of investment is different, so Liugong chooses to use the way of acquiring enterprises. Liugong has a group of mature management teams and marketing personnel who are familiar with and understand the EU market. Therefore, in addition to developing local bulldozer products, Liugong's loaders and excavators enter the market relatively quickly." He said

he said that different machinery industries should be developed according to different markets. EU is the high-end market of Liugong in the future, and India is the developing market in the future. Liugong's investment in Brazil and Argentina will also be arranged according to the local market

the failures of the experimental machine are common in oil hole blockage, belt looseness, oil viscosity, whether there is oil leakage, whether the oil volume is sufficient, etc. the Belt and Road seizes the opportunity

"the the Belt and Road" has created a huge development opportunity for manufacturers of construction machinery such as Liugong. Liugong's business has spread to more than 130 countries around the world, of which nearly 50 are located along the "the Belt and Road"

for the complex and changeable geographical and geological environment of countries along the the Belt and Road. Liugong has 15 product lines, which can provide comprehensive solutions according to the actual working conditions and needs of customers. Powerful equipment suitable for extreme working conditions, completely adapted to different geological environments. "Our equipment can adapt to the operation requirements in any environment, with stable performance and easy maintenance." He said

it is understood that the robust performance of the equipment has been verified in engineering projects in countries along the the Belt and Road, and is widely used in engineering projects such as China Laos railway project, Turkey PMK highway construction project and China Myanmar oil and gas pipeline laying

break through bottlenecks and explore innovation

it is understood that in terms of product innovation, Liugong has made independent innovation The goal of the project is to "build and test whether the space structure is suitable for the use of space vehicles, and improve the product technology level first. We have successively developed China's first wheel loader, the world's first high prototype special wheel loader, China's largest tonnage wheel loader, etc., to provide important equipment for economic construction and development. 2. For materials with large deformation, due to excessive deformation." comprehensive solution " It is also a business transformation from product centered to service centered

in addition, he also analyzed the problems encountered by enterprises in the path of internationalization. In the first few years of construction and investment in Indian companies, enterprises suffered from challenges from regional culture, industrial chain and other aspects. In terms of sales, I also have deep feelings. Due to the neglect of the height and weight differences between Chinese and Westerners, the excavator seats provided for the U.S. market are damaged

however, after years of training, Liugong has 3 overseas manufacturing bases, 4 overseas R & D centers and 12 overseas marketing subsidiaries overseas, and can meet the needs of global customers and achieve localized services and support

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