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Explanation of three in one technology application case of drug packaging (Part 2)

technical improvement with higher reliability

because the three in one equipment can effectively ensure the reliability and safety of the production process and products, and bring great convenience and flexibility to users, it is rapidly promoted in the market. It is reported that the bottelpack bottle blowing, filling and sealing three in one equipment produced and sold by romlege company has accumulated more than 1000 sets. According to the production conditions of three shifts a day, the number of ampoule bottles and other containers produced by bottelpack bottle blowing filling sealing three in one equipment can exceed 15billion worldwide every year

in recent years, the company has developed a variety of new technologies to improve the application effect of the molding filling sealing machine, such as less advanced digital cutting equipment, full-automatic manufacturing technology, industrial robots, etc., in order to compensate for the possible deficiencies of materials, processing processes or other factors

no matter polyethylene or polypropylene with high or low concentration, if gas or water vapor enters or surrounds the outside, it will cause the change of its pH value, reduce the product quality, and easily be polluted by the dissolving ink and glue of the outer carton. To solve this problem, many companies have added a layer of aluminum foil packaging to their products. The new product launched by advanced vision research company seals an eye drop packed with low-density polyethylene in a layer of aluminum foil to better ensure the quality of the product

Weiler company provides another packaging method that can improve the air, which can also strengthen the stability of drug ingredients. In the packaging process, nitrogen, an inert gas, is used to effectively isolate oxygen to ensure the stability of drugs

the company also produces a machine that can use nitrogen in packaging and filling. The special blowing, filling and sealing process of this machine can make the product packaging and filling process completely under oxygen free conditions, effectively reducing the harm of oxygen in the air to drugs. Another blowing, pouring and sealing equipment designed by romlege company can achieve the effect of strengthening extrusion and enhancing barrier layer. According to the company, using this process, multiple extrusion can be completed on one machine, and plastic bottles with up to five layers can be produced

aluminum alloy connector products that are consistent with the performance of aluminum alloy core cables and aluminum alloy cables are widely used and market trends

from the current market trends, it can be seen that the three in one equipment has gradually expanded from the pharmaceutical equipment market to more fields. At the same time, various integrated technologies continue to become a trend

According to expert analysis, the development of three in one equipment will mainly develop in the following directions:

actively develop multi-functional, automatic and high-speed three in one equipment. For the domestic market, we should actively develop a series of products suitable for different materials in different states and different packaging weights, solve the adaptability, compatibility and reliability of products, and develop towards multi-function, automation and high speed. Develop high-level powder automatic packaging machines to meet the automatic packaging requirements of various powders such as milk powder and washing powder, and focus on the packaging of milk powder, washing powder, starch and finished grain. Develop electronic scale measurement, improve the measurement and filling accuracy and speed of powder and granular materials, and make it a multifunctional equipment that can be used for packaging independently and can be matched with various container forming filling sealing equipment. A computer-controlled combined weighing machine is developed to meet the requirements of high-speed and high-precision measurement for irregular material weighing. Develop a multi-function package loading machine that integrates container (box, bag, cup) forming, filling, sealing, vacuum and aseptic technology. The loading action should be light and stable

accelerate the research and development of domestic sterile cold filling three in one equipment. In order to simplify the production process of pet aseptic cold filling, several major beverage equipment manufacturers in the world are developing a new type of high-speed blow fill seal machine. For the three in one equipment, the overall coordinated operation of the front and rear production lines is one of the important problems to be solved. In the future, we will send you the detailed technical parameters of the products by fax or email, and actively develop higher speed bottle blowing, filling and sealing production lines, which is not only the need to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, but also the fundamental requirement to improve the market competitiveness of products. At the same time, actively developing aseptic cold filling system can also achieve good energy-saving goals. Facing the unprecedented tension of current energy, the three in one technology, while focusing on the continuous improvement of new product research and development and technical capabilities, attaches importance to cost reduction and energy conservation will become an important theme for the long-term development of the industry in the future

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