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How IOT goes out of "fragmentation"

Guide: the application of IOT in China is characterized by fragmentation. Whether it is to tackle key problems of core technologies, formulate standards, promote application demonstration or end-to-end security issues, it is necessary to break through the development of IOT industry through extensive cooperation with a more pragmatic attitude

according to the Research Report of CCID consultants, the scale of China's IOT industry market was 200billion yuan in 2010. By 2015, the overall market scale of China's IOT will reach 750billion yuan, and the compound annual growth rate will exceed 30%. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the fast-growing IOT industry. At present, more than 25 provincial and municipal local governments have included the development and application of IOT industry in the local 12th Five Year Plan, taking it as a strategic focus for development. However, many problems have also been exposed in the boom of IOT development. Yaojianquan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out at the Symposium on IOT held by IBM China Research Institute recently that many places talk more and do less. Among them, the application shows that Dajing 9 plastic city is the only industrial chain integrated plastic raw materials, plastic chemicals, plastic molds, plastic machinery and plastic products in China. The international trade procurement market for plastic raw materials is fragmented Protection function: features, whether it is the core technology breakthrough, standard formulation, application demonstration promotion or end-to-end security issues, it is necessary to break through the development of IOT industry through extensive cooperation with a more pragmatic attitude

fragmentation is a difficult problem

although all regions are actively promoting the development and application implementation of IOT industry, there are very few IOT applications that have mature business models across regions and industries and are worthy of promotion and demonstration. Yaojianquan said: the development of IOT in many places is just a system in a certain industry. The systems are lack of connection and integration. In this way, a number of IOT information islands are established

liumaohai, assistant general manager of Beike Everbright Information Technology Co., Ltd., who has launched IOT application cases such as residue transportation monitoring system and coal mine gas management information system, expressed the same view to China Electronic News: integration is still the biggest problem we encounter in the actual operation of severe oil leakage in the market and oil pressure system

there is not only the problem of fragmentation at the application level, but also the characteristics of fragmentation in the development of the industrial chain. Lushan, vice president of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, said: judging from the current development of China IOT, the government and industry alliance are the main promoters; From the perspective of the industrial chain, the business model is still immature, and the connection of all links from terminals and networks to application development, system integration and customers is still very poor

application is the focus

at present, China's urban transformation, economic transformation and industrial transformation provide a good application stage for the development of IOT industry. Dongxuegeng, chief engineer of the Department of industry and information technology of Hainan Province, represents the needs and attitudes of many cities. He said: Hainan is building an international tourism island and an ecological province, and is promoting intelligent tourism and developing the traceability of characteristic agricultural products to open up a potential lithium battery market. Such a strategic positioning is very suitable for the R & D and demonstration application of IOT technology. We are also building a first-class IOT International Industrial Park, It is very hoped that industry, University and research institutes at home and abroad will use Hainan to carry out the technology research and development and project implementation of IOT

the key to the development of IOT is to turn the government's attention and support and huge market demand into market and enterprise behavior, and develop more applications that can solve key problems and operate sustainably

wang Yun, academician of IBM and chief technology officer of IBM China Research Institute, believes that the very important feature of IOT is that it is an application-oriented technology, so it is necessary to emphasize application scenarios and innovate based on the application environment. Only when the real user needs are found and the cooperation between industry, University, research and application is carried out around these needs, can sustainable and stable development be possible

Liukezhen, chairman of Advantech technology company in Taiwan, said: we have made IOT for several years and believe that the success of IOT should first be vertical. For example, we should develop IOT applications by vertically integrating industries such as medical treatment, vehicle, finance, oil and supply chain, rather than making them into films and parks

last year, Chinatelecom made more than 30 industrial applications of IOT in 11 industries. Niu Gang, vice president of Shanghai Research Institute of Chinatelecom, introduced that these applications have been applied in many industries and cities. The reason why these applications can be popularized is that the starting point of application development is to solve specific problems

at present, Hailan Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in research and development in the field of pipe safety. Zhanghonglin, chairman of the company, said: the pipes are complex, most of them are buried underground, and the monitoring of these pipelines faces many challenges. Once the oil, natural gas and sewage pipelines leak, they will have a great impact on the environment. If solutions can be found around the problems, it will bring technological breakthroughs and bring a lot of market space

zhanghonglin said: at present, the market space of Chinese pipeline is huge. According to statistics, the existing oil and gas pipelines in China are nearly 70000 mu. According to the national plan, more than 70000 kilometers of normal transmission pipelines will be added by 2015, with a total investment of nearly 300 billion yuan. There is a huge stage space for the supervision of these pipelines

collaboration is the key

China started early in the development of IOT industry, and its technology and standards are basically synchronized with the world. In this tide of collaborative innovation in technology, practice and mode, China needs to strengthen cooperation if it wants to achieve faster and greater breakthroughs. IOT is not only a technological innovation, but also a systematic innovation in practice and business model. To seize this wave, it needs to be more open, pragmatic and collaborative. Lishigong, vice president of IBM, chief technology officer of Greater China and President of China Research Institute, told China Electronics News

zhanglixin, deputy chief engineer of the Institute of computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that the large amount of data brought by IOT will pose an unprecedented challenge to the data center. In the past, data flowed from the inside to the outside. Now, data flows from the outside to the inside. From communication mode to data processing and data security, it is necessary to make a comprehensive breakthrough in technology

Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications is the first university in China to set up the IOT specialty, and has undertaken the research and development of IOT technology supported by a number of national special funds. Linjinchao, vice president of Chongqing e-mail University, said: our research and development of IOT is not only a combination of production, learning, research and application, but also a financial link. The development of emerging industries requires the integration of resources from all parties

Niu Gang said: Chinatelecom will promote IOT next. First, it will standardize the communication module as soon as possible and integrate it with other iots to achieve scale. Second, it will achieve scale as soon as possible for the modularization of common parts of industry applications. It should be said that solving these two problems can quickly reduce the cost of IOT. In these aspects, many IT companies in the market can play a role. Working with other companies can accelerate the breakthrough in IOT

yinzhanwei, general manager of Hangsheng Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., expressed the same wish. The car service involves many technologies and many branch fields, from chip to complete machine factory, from car factory to large-scale data processing company. It is not Hangsheng alone that can do everything well. Hangsheng needs to cooperate with manufacturers in many fields

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