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How to get the visiting permit of Shanghai Hongqiao stone horticulture Exhibition (1) synthesis of expandable resin (see Figure 1) how to get the visiting permit of Shanghai Hongqiao stone horticulture Exhibition

exhibition date: March, 2020

exhibition venue: Shanghai Hongqiao · National Convention and Exhibition Center

exhibition scale: more than 170000 square meters

promote the development of intelligent laundry system balcony has increasingly become an area that people pay attention to in the modern home environment. As a new intelligent hardware in recent years, intelligent clothes rack has increasingly become one of the important options for people to dress up the balcony. With the rapid rise of customized home furnishing in recent years, home furnishing hardware, as an indispensable upstream industry for customization, has also entered a critical period of transformation and upgrading. From the previous furniture hardware to customized hardware, the hardware industry is changing in product categories, product functions and sales channels

2020 Shanghai Construction Expo

exhibition scope:

1 Corrosion resistance of smart home: smart home, smart clothes rack, smart lock, smart system, etc

2. Machinery and accessory materials: woodworking machinery, glass machinery, customized machinery and intelligent machinery to be completed at the end of November

3. System doors and windows Hall: aluminum doors and windows, aluminum wood composite doors and windows, solid wood doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, screen windows, sunshine room, intelligent doors and windows, etc

4. High quality main material hall: imported ceramic tiles, imported sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and ceiling, etc

5. Design customization Hall: design customization, soft decoration, coating and bag check-in

6. Large customization Hall: full house customization, wooden doors, clothes hangers, imported cabinets/cabinets, full house customization, cabinet accessories, etc

after registration, the exhibition fee and other fees will be remitted to the account designated by the organizing committee according to the agreement date. After receiving the exhibition fee, the organizing committee will finally determine the booth, and has the right to make reasonable adjustments to a few booths. Booth arrangement will be based on the principle of first registration, first payment and first allocation. The advertising fee shall be paid in one lump sum, otherwise no arrangement will be made. A notice shall be issued one month before the meeting for exhibition pickup, accommodation arrangement and other conference affairs. [scope of exhibits] construction machinery: building materials machinery: processing equipment, glass door and window machinery, construction machinery, construction engineering machinery, electric and manual tools, special vehicles, transportation equipment, site protective articles, construction site facilities, etc

architectural design: construction type, building block type and vacation type housing design; Building materials production and processing equipment: stone processing equipment, ceramics and products production equipment, aluminum plastic steel doors and windows processing equipment, aluminum curtain wall processing equipment, glass production and processing equipment, etc. As the birthplace of the wardrobe sliding door field, it has gathered a number of industry creators and has been walking in the front of the industry. Once the two original design exhibitions were held, they received a lot of attention from the industry. The quality of the exhibition was comparable to that of domestic excellent exhibitions. During the exhibition, visitors flocked to the exhibition from all over the country. The popularity of the exhibition was full, and the exhibitors were full of harvest. The success of the exhibition could not be without the strong support of the exhibitors

CCPIT Expo will expand the influence and popularity of the brand. The formation and consolidation of the brand needs to continuously transmit the brand information through various media displays, and using the marketing communication channels established by other brands for publicity is undoubtedly a new channel to break through the tradition

CCPIT Expo will reduce marketing costs for brands. The cost of joint promotion is generally invested by both parties and multiple parties, so the promotion cost is reduced. Through the exhibition, enterprises can display their brands, make use of online and offline influence for publicity, and provide exhibitors with rare opportunities

2020 building materials exhibition scope: Hardware: building hardware, door locks and accessories, door control hardware and accessories, automatic doors and their components, window system hardware, curtain wall system and accessories, safe and related products, bathroom hardware, glass hardware, access control electronic system and accessories, partitions and accessories, furniture hardware, hardware tools, hardware molds, etc. Customized home · integrated kitchen: integrated cabinet, integrated kitchen, intelligent kitchen, integrated stove; Gas stoves, range hoods, baking equipment, water heaters, disinfection and cleaning equipment, garbage processors and various kitchen appliances; Kitchen hardware, basket, sink, faucet, artificial stone, table top, door panel, plate, lighting, finish paint and cooking utensils; Product design software, engineering software, etc

how to get the visiting permit of Shanghai Hongqiao stone horticulture exhibition?

how about the invisible screen window? Another feature of the ventilation invisible screen window is the ventilation effect. Generally, we can see the small holes on the invisible screen window with the naked eye. These small holes can prevent mosquitoes from flying in, effectively prevent the interference of strong winds, connect the air inside the house with the air outside the house, and maintain the fresh air inside the house, effectively playing a role in ventilation. How about the invisible screen window? How about the invisible screen window? The style is changeable. Because modern people are increasingly pursuing personalized and fashionable design, some family windows are not in the traditional square shape at the beginning. When installing the invisible screen window, you can design a screen matching the window according to the size and shape of the window. The changeable invisible screen window style, Give your windows more protection

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